Sunday, March 21, 2010

Healing or Renewal?

Every year, every month, every day, every moment you are new again!
Have you noticed that you are never exactly the same?
Have you come to accept the changes that occur in your body and mind?
Are you willing to see them all as renewal?

Trees change with each season.
Their bark changes colors.
They develop knot holes and growth in their own ways.
Trees do not judge their anomalies.

Animals, plants, rocks all change with the seasons, the light and their environment.
Why not accept the changes in human bodies with the seasons, the diet, the situation?
What is it in us that keeps seeking to perfect the already perfect expression of our species?
Is it possible that we are making us our illnesses with our fears and judgments of what is natural?

When bodies and psyches live over time, there are a multitude of perceivable changes that occur naturally.
Bodies and psyches change with age and environment.
Our physical and mental form change with stress and distress.
Our physical and mental state adapts to the life experience we are experiencing.

Can we trust that the body and mind are always doing their best to exist with what is?
Can we believe that our thoughts, feelings and physiology is always doing its best on our behalf?
Are we willing to get that we want to continue living at the highest level possible?
What if our whole self is always in a state of healing?

“The healing of God’s Son is all the world is for.
 That is the only purpose in it: therefore, the only one it has.”
 From A Course in Miracles.

Consider this:
Perhaps we are all here simply for the purpose of returning to our natural state of wholeness, which already exists.  Perhaps we are allowing our judgments of our perceived imperfections to make us believe we are not that which we already are.
Perhaps in trying to fix what isn’t broken, we continue to believe the myth of our brokenness.
Perhaps we have created a form which by its nature will change and adapt in mysterious ways to the environment.
Perhaps with full acceptance and love, we would perceive the natural transformation of body, mind and Sprit and see it intrinsic and eternal Perfection.

Maybe we have been falsely attacking our humanness instead of truly trusting our spiritual perfection!

Today I am choosing to renew my mind by believing and seeing its natural perfection.
Loving you and me exactly as I Am and You Are,
Blessings of gratitude and respect for all Life,
Betty Lue