Sunday, March 14, 2010

Awesome Australia

Our trip was filled with natural beauty, extraordinary wildlife, friendly folks and Aussie emphasis on environmental care.  I will be sharing some pictures with you to whet your appetite for travel. We came away with a profound gratitude and respect for the relative simplicity, naturalness and goodness of the Australia people.
Some observations I found interesting:
Land mass approx same as USA. Their population 22 million.  US population 305 Million.
Quality Health care for everyone.
Most of stimulus money is going into school improvements and renovation.
Only about 7 TV stations and 4 of those were sports, one CNN and always one for kids.
Seems like the news folks don’t take themselves seriously with joking and informality on TV.
Several of the same shows as ours, but done with Australian contestants and MC.
Most news was about sports and entertainment personalities and weather.
Amazed by the focus on the lives of personalities.
Little on politics. Very little on crime or overseas developments.
Major focus on environmental cleanup and conservation.
Lots of informal socializing among people being friends to one another.
Much open respect and financial support for the indigenous peoples and their culture.
Saw little use of cell phones in public and no one driving with phones, even though they were used publicly en masse in 2000 when we were in Sydney.
Respectful driving and respectful conservative dress. (No low cut tops or low slung pants)
Both big cities had fabulous public transportation systems.
Melbourne (4 million people) has over 30 large sports stadiums and arenas.
Very few obese people. most adults seem to engage in sports activities.
Huge cultural diversity present everywhere.
Food choices simple with scones (with cream and jam) and tea served mid morning and mid afternoon.)
Australia may have learned some good habits from the USA and avoided some of our bad habits.

Some key reminders for me:
1) Appreciate what we have created for ourselves.
2) Be respectful in driving, dress, communication everywhere with everyone.
3) You can be respectful with informality, humor and enjoyment.
4) Treat brothers and sisters of color and diversity with equal respect and value.
5) When you have made an error in the past, correct it now with financial support and care.
6) Treat the mother Earth and all species with  the respect and sacredness nature deserves.
7) Be good to your children and your neighbors and everyone will be good to you.
8) Speak honestly without criticism and blame with respect and gratitude.
9) Use technology less. And be with people and nature directly.
10) Balance your life, your time, your work, your meals, your relationships to stay healthy.

Lots more was gained. We came home feeling blesses by the whole experience!
We also feel blessed by being home with our own balanced natural and good life.
Loving You, 

Betty Lue