Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trust in Love

God is Love.
Love is God.
God is the strength in which we can trust.
Love is the strength in which we can trust.

How can we trust in what is fallible and changing?
How can we believe we are not making a mistake?
How can we know what is for our Highest Good?
How can we begin to see the Best Outcome for All?

There must be a place we can surrender our own self-made fears and anxieties.
There must be a place we can rest and release our judgments and uncertainty.
We can find what is true and good, lasting and beneficial when we listen to the Voice for Love.
We can know what is real and valuable by letting go of our limiting beliefs and claiming the Truth within.

Take the time to find peace today.
Find it in your heart to love you well today.
Give those you love some open appreciation.
Be grateful for the life you have given yourself.

Then Let Go and Let Love and God shine through the clouds.
The world has weather…financial, emotional and relationship storms.
The psyche of each one of us is programmed to complain and be afraid or simply go on with natural ease.
Choosing how to respond is the key to peace within or pain and problems.

In what do you believe?
In what do you trust?
How do you restore your wholeness when you succumb to the world’s strife?
How do you reclaim the Love within You?

For me I must find my center, an inner balance point.
I must return to what I know and trust within.
I must fine the schedule, the spiritual routine that reminds me.
I must be grateful and return to Love.

Loving you in remembering, 

Betty Lue