Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spiritualizing Your Life

Life in a body as a human on planet earth is not as easy as it used to be it seems.
Life in a home with a family and a job, educating our children and receiving health care is more difficult.
Life traveling by car, by public transit or feeling safe walking requires heightened awareness.
Life with fearful media messages, politics lacking ethics and intimate details of famous lives is troubling.

How do we live in this world, but not be hurt and frightened, shutdown and disenchanted by it all?
How do we practice daily forgiveness in a world that sometimes feels polluted with human garbage?
How do we stay in a place that feels alien to our need for safety, sacredness and inner peace?
How do we play the worldly game while wishing for a better way to live and to give our children?

Some choose a spiritual life.
Some take a path that includes living in an ashram or spiritual community or monastery.
Some choose to live in isolation in the woods or in another more peaceful and natural setting.
Some choose to block it out by maintaining a more transcendent state with meditation and spiritual focus.

I have chosen (somewhat unconsciously) to live a life in which I add spirituality to everything.
I have chosen to spiritualize my marriage, my home, my work, my health choices, my path.
Everyday, 24/7, I realize my healing and holy work is to give myself what I need to stay in LOVE.
I have given myself the responsibility of being responsible for all my relationships and life choices.

To spiritualize one’s life requires constant attention and intention.
It invites us to awaken each morning with the conscious choice to make each day Good.
Spiritualizing our lives asks that we devote ourselves to being our Best everyday with everyone.
Spiritualizing our lives insists that we erase, release and undo all that limits us from being happy and free.

No matter what the circumstance a spirit filled life is conscious, responsible and selective.
With every relationship we make specialness into holiness.
With every expenditure of money we require that the purchase be a blessing to all.
With every activity we assure ourselves that we are adding Goodness and Wholeness to our world.

Our expressions are ones of healing and helpfulness.
Our thoughts are those of Gratitude and Love.
Our activities bring ourselves and others happiness and greater peace.
Our lives are devoted to bringing Goodness and Beauty Peace and Harmony to our world.

Spiritualizing our lives requires that we be aware of our value as teacher, healer, counselor, minister.
Spiritualizing our lives honors that everything we think and say and do is a role model for others.
Spiritualizing our lives insists that we take total responsibility for how we respond to everyone.
Spiritualizing our lives requires that we begin and end our day with consciousness and gratitude.

There is no place where Love is not when we become aware.
There is no relationship in which Goodness is not possible when we remember.
There is no opportunity for greater Benefit and Blessings when we see ourselves as Giver.
There is nothing that is impossible when we know the Love we are and the Gift of Giving that Love.

Life has meaning and purpose when we live consciously.
Life has Goodness and Blessing when we give our very best.
Life had hope and joy and appreciation when we love being alive.
Our lives are a gift to Life Itself when we realize our purpose in Being.

Blessings of Joy, 

Betty Lue

Spending the next week with our three Alameda Grandchildren Harper and Lila (4 1/2) and Beckett (3 yrs. old).
Their Mom and Dad are helping some friends in Australia, so we will be having a great time (and lots of work) with the kids.
Loving Reminders from our laptop and maybe some pictures too! :)