Monday, February 15, 2010

Remembering to Love

Do you know how best to love you?

Have you tried relaxing and enjoying life?
Have you taken a walk and breathed in the beauty?
Have you looked in the mirror and said “I love you.” from your heart?
Have you stopped reading, watching and listening to scary stuff?
Have you fed yourself with what nourishes your body with health and vitality?
Have you given yourself a daily dose of loving kindness?
Have you truly honored your inner voice by following a life that is fulfilling?

Do you know how best to love those in your family?

Have you changed complaining into complementing?
Have you been encouraging rather than disappointed?
Have you use gratitude to motivate rather than threats and anger?
Have you blessed your family with a beautiful, orderly and clean home?
Have prepared meals that are healthy and made them with love?
Have you fully listened to each one and honored their expression?
Have you given your very best without sacrifice or expectation?

Do you know how to give your best at work and in the community?

Have you been willing to volunteer to help others with time and money?
Have you been openly grateful for the many hours of energy others contribute?
Have you participated in the political process with enthusiasm for what you want?
Have you stopped blaming others and started contributing your vision, ideas and energy?
Have you shared your positive stories of love and faith and inspiration rather than gossip?
Have you picked up trash, planted flowers of blessing and appreciation and enjoyed each day?
Have you truly honored and respected your part and that of others in creating where you live?

Do you know how to give your best in the world and to your global family?

Have you remembered to extend peace to everyone everywhere?
Have you fully appreciated the privilege and responsibility of living on the bountiful mother Earth?
Have you stayed conscious of being a good steward of our sacred life-giving resources?
Have you modeled and taught others not to be wasteful or destructive of life’s essentials?
Have you been grateful for our ancestors and the ancient ones who strive to remind us?
Have you tended to world peace with your consciousness your words and your relationships?
Have you allowed your heart to open to the beauty and bounty everywhere present for our enjoyment?

Loving is a natural response to the gratitude and joy we feel in being alive.
Loving is an effortless way of flowing our energy and feeling fulfilled with meaning and purpose.
Loving is like breathing when we remove the obstacles and distractions of fear and need and greed.
Loving is life itself, Being fully and freely alive!

Loving you, 

Betty Lue