Sunday, February 14, 2010

Remembering Divine Love

Human Love seems to be seeking to heal everything that blocks our unconditional Loving.
Our unconscious patterns in relationships attract anything unresolved and unhealed in life.
We attract what we’re accustomed to…
Or we interpret others’ behaviors as being the same as in our family patterns….
Or we cause or create behaviors we are used to…..
Or we leave relationships which are too easy or good or those which don’t fit our patterns.

Human love is special, varies with our beliefs or attitude, quits or ends, judges and tries to change.
Human love is filled with emotional highs and lows, seeks what it wants and shuts down when hurt.
Human love knows separation, comparison, the uncertainty and threat of infidelity, death and divorce.
Human love is unpredictable, based on attraction, dramatic and emotional, and finds pleasure and pain.

So what other kinds of Love can we know in our lifetime.
Here to heal our unresolved blocks to Love, here to grow our trust in Love, here to know Real and lasting Love, we can remember Divine Love, God’s Love, Pure Love and Endless Love to be shared with all.
Rather than project our version of human Love onto God, we can discover the unconditional Love of God.

We are here to learn to Love as God loves.

Spiritual Love is equal.
Everyone is loved as they are simply because they are.
Everyone is special and given All.

Spiritual Love is forgiving.
Instantly the past is erased and the blessing of the Holiness of each one is known.
No matter what the mistake, the Truth remains.

Spiritual Love is unending.
Divine Love never quits or is withheld.
Divine Love continues no matter what the circumstances.

Spiritual Love trusts.
Divine Love sees the potential of each being.
Divine Love knows what we need to heal and learn.
Divine Love allows our mistakes and natural consequences of learning.

Spiritual Love allows.
Divine Love does not interfere with our learning and growth.
Divine Love sets us free to do as we journey through life.
Divine Love is continues without judgment or interference.

Spiritual Love flows.
Divine Love is our birthright.
Divine Love flows to us, from us and through us.
Divine Love holds no condemnation or blocks.

Spiritual Love guides.
Divine Love provides direction and focus.
Divine Love offers us guidance and vision.
Divine Love is available when we are open and willing to receive.

Spiritual Love never ends.
No matter what Divine Love never quits.
No matter what, wrong-doing, infidelity, divorce or death, Divine Love is constant.
Whether we separate ourselves, forsake Divine Love or simply deny our loveability, this Love Is.

Spiritual Love prevails.
Divine Love simply Is.
Everything else is illusion, made up and seeking to remember the Love that already and always Is.
We can compare, defend, judge and blame, feel guilty and ashamed, and Divine Love continues endlessly.

Let’s consider surrendering to the Love that Is within us, around us, flowing through us to All.
Let us dissolve our fear of loving and being Loved and simply Be the Love We Are.
Let us enjoy the flow of letting go and trust in the Love of God’s Goodness within.
Let us begin again and still again, by remembering to Love the Holy One in You and in me.

Loving you and all endlessly,
Betty Lue