Sunday, February 21, 2010

How Willing Are You?

Are you willing to have your life work?
Do you have what it takes to do the work to have your whole life work?

Are you willing to have your relationships work?
Are you up for changing your whole mind to undo what you don’t want to see?

Are you willing to change your attitude by changing your mind to change your experience?
Are you taking responsibility for erasing the past and choosing again for the Present?

Often in life we believe that we are victims of outer experiences.
We allow our thoughts to be programmed by popular belief and agreement.
We see the world as being the cause of our feelings and our current state.
We blame others for creating the conditions that make us mad, sad or glad.

In our unconsciousness and self made victimization we allow the externals to be cause.
We lack the willingness to take whole-hearted response ability for what we experience.

Enlightenment is changing our mind which changes our perception.
Rather than being victims, we see we can change our responses and change our reality.
Rather than seeking to get something from life, we see ourselves as giving what we want.
Rather than being separate from others and our situation, we see ourselves as contributors.

It is with respect that we will look again and see what is really calling for attenton.
It is our ability to respond with effective communication and demonstration that we find fulfillment.
It is when we cooperate with the specific circumstances that we can affect complete change.
Being willing to believe in ourselves and playing our part fully, we make a difference everywhere.

Learn from everything.
Listen deeply to everyone.
Be willing to seek for solutions that benefit all.
Give always and only the best you know.
Success and fulfillment will be your reward.

Life is our opportunity to create Goodness in our world when we are willing to respond with consciousness and Love.
 Betty Lue

 Sharing some other input.

From Unity’s Daily Word:  Unity is a New Thought Church and this is how that philosophy interprets Metaphysical Truth and stories in the Bible.

We may hear "I won't believe it until I see it," yet wise people know that we won't see it unless we first believe it.
The universal law of Divine Order holds that first there is Mind, then ideas flowing from Mind, then their expression in physical form.
Jesus used the law of divine order by mindfully asking, giving thanks with complete faith, and then receiving God's good. Divine order, ever-present and dependable, still works for me today.
Right now, whatever the desires of my heart, I believe I will receive them.
I give thanks with complete faith and trust and know that the powerful law of divine order is bringing abundant blessings into my life.
Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.--Mark 11:24