Friday, February 26, 2010

The High Way to Love

The High Way is fun, safe and easy.
The High Way flows with effortlessness.
The High Way moves around and through obstacles.
The High Way never ends or quits.

When there are clogs or traffic jams or accidents on High Ways, we trust they will clear.
When there are delays due to weather, construction detours or rush hour traffic, we know it will open.
When there are new roads, city bypasses and bridges built, we adjust to changes in the flow.
The High Way system of love is ever-changing in form but always flowing with Love.

Life provides our inner Love system with opportunities to explore our own inner flow.
We have myriad opportunities for building bridges and bypasses when there are clogs.
We are offered the chance to notice where we send most of our love in one direction.
We can take responsibility for seeing where we have ignored a need for opening the flow.

High Ways to Love are filled with Trust.
Trust is the way we allow the current state to be noticed without fear or judgment.
Trust is the needed ingredient to address a blockage rather than dismiss the need for attention.
Trust is key to remembering the Source of Loving Solutions is always within us.

High Ways to Love require freedom.
Freedom of flow without excluding anyone is essential to ease of Loving.
Freedom to continue to do the best we know in our loving relationships no matter what seems to be.
Freedom is required to love without restriction or bottlenecks in the flow of love energy.

Discovering the High Way to Love requires that we get an overview or map of our love system.
Assessing where we need to build bridges invites us to look for where there are unserved people.
Where we are giving too much to some and too little to others shows where bypasses are needed.
Acknowledge that we must serve ourselves first by clearing the inner clogs and traffic jams of the heart.

To live in a high state of loving is like flying over the earth and blessing everyone everywhere.
To love without ceasing is like turning on the faucet of love and flowing endlessly always receiving.
To flow effortlessly requires a great maintenance plan of routine self Love and appreciation.
Moving around resistance, conflict and separation requires us to appreciate how Love always seeks to be given without invitation or restriction.

Learning to give Love, simply for the Joy of it, bring health, happiness and harmony.
May it be so.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue