Saturday, February 27, 2010

Finding Love

Destination: Love
Intention: Finding the Love You Seek
Itinerary: The High Way to Know Love and Be Love
Work: Be happy and free in Knowing and Being
Function: Remove all obstacles to the awareness of Love’s Presence.

What if we are already in the midst of Love?
What if we have been seeking for that which we have?
What if it is our self made blocks that keep us from experiencing Love?
What if we have been defining our own “form” of love and have missed the Truth of Love?

Is it possible that our sophisticated and adulterated thinking has created illusions about Love?
Could it be that we, individually and collectively, have been engaged in a massive deception?
Is there a way we can achieve the experience of perfect Love right now without needing anything?
Can it be that our “wanting” what we mistakenly believe we do not have has deluded our perception?

Love is energy, creative potential.
Love is beauty, harmony within the soul.
Love is joy, the natural joy of discovery.
Love is appreciation, savoring the riches of life itself.
Love is music, the dance of sensing the Goodness within.
Love is laughter, the delight of playing with what is around us.
Love is union, the holy instant of seeing within you a reflection of me.
Love is creativity, imagining the wonder of all living in harmony and peace.

Could it be we are seeking merely to erase all the roadblocks to Love?
Are we here to forgive and erase the fortress we have built against Love?
Is there a willingness to simply go for it and Love careless of our past wounds?
Can we give ourselves an opportunity to say “Yes” to all forms and energies of loving?

Long ago, after experiencing a pattern of betrayals, infidelity and lies, I made a decision!
I would rather love and lose than withhold my Love from anyone.
No one and nothing could stop me from loving.
I will no longer let fear build a barrier to Love.
I choose to love no matter what.
I will never quit on loving.

Love is always available when we open the flow and give love without ceasing.
Forgive yourself for withholding Love.
Forgive everyone for being afraid to Love.
Forgive the stories that remind us to be careful in Love.
Forgive the blocks you have made to stop you from living in Love.

Loving you in remembering Love is your natural state,
Betty Lue

Love waits on welcome, not on time. From ACIM