Friday, February 19, 2010

Change Begins With You and Me

It is only ourselves we can change.
Change our mind and attitude.
Change our behavior and words.
Change our situation and life choices.

When we have relationships or experiences which are unacceptable or upsetting to us, we can seek change.  Most people try to change others with convincing, demanding, bribing, threatening and punishing.
Some fall into convincing ourselves, it doesn’t matter or we make excuses for others trying to let it go.
Few wake up to make new choices of taking impeccable care of the Best We Can Be.

Changing Ourselves makes remarkable changes in others with no explanation or justification.
Our consistency in our changes demonstrates our conscious intention to others.
When there is determination and persistence,  a confidence and certainty in our choices, others respond.
We cannot control how they will respond or adjust and they may tempt us to go back to the old ways.

Make the choices for change that will consistently support you in being your best self.
This is the key.
Choose a lifestyle that truly supports you in maintaining your very BEST every day!
Only you know what is really best for you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

What is your Best Self?
What do you need in order to be your best from morning to night?
Choose a life and a place where that works for you.
Choose a schedule, diet and activities that are best for you.

You can require that everyone be respectful to you., but first you must be respectful of yourself.
It is your life, your home, your work for which you are responsible.
You have both the right and the responsibility to take impeccable care of you!
When you are willing to be responsible for being healthy, happy and fulfilled, others will respond.

Respecting ourselves looks like we take care of our appearance and our health.
Respecting ourselves looks like we make choices in work, activities and relationship what are inspiring.
Respecting ourselves sounds like we are affirming and positive in how we talk to ourselves inside.
Respecting ourselves consists of developing healthy habits of mind, emotions and body.

Others in our lives are directly influenced by how we live and love and give to ourselves.
Others in our families are inspired or discouraged by our happiness or our complaints.
Others in our workplace are motivated or depressed by our success or our failures.
Others in our world are encouraged and facilitated by our impeccable and fulfilling life.

What will it take for you to begin to eliminate those inner and outer influences that distract You?
What do you need to do to clear your life of the attitudes and beliefs that victimize you?
What action can you take to change how you express yourself positively to others?
Are you willing to take full responsibility for making the changes in you which are best for you?

Loving you in the best ways I know,
Betty Lue

You Are A Flower in the Garden of Life

If you would grow to be your best self
Be patient, not demanding
Accepting, not condemning
Nurturing, not withholding
Self-marveling, not belittling
Gently guiding, not pushing & punishing

For you are more sensitive than you know
Mankind is tough as war
Yet delicate as flowers
We can endure agonies
But we open fully only to warmth & light
And our need to grow is fragile as a fragrance
Dispersed by storms of will
To return only when those storms are still

So accept, respect,
Attend your sensitivity

A flower
Cannot be opened
With a hammer