Friday, January 15, 2010

What Does It All Mean?

What is this disaster teaching us?
How are we to respond?
What does this mean for our safety?
What can we learn?

Haiti calls for our attention, our compassion and response.
Some people will ignore it and go on as normal.
Some people will question “Where is God?”
Some people will be frightened about their own safety?
Some people will send money.
Some people will wonder what is happening to the earth.
Some people will judge and criticize the relief efforts.
Some people will go into action with their own disaster plan.
Some people will meditate and send Peace.
Some people will listen and ask, “What can I do?”
Some people will gather themselves to go and help.

What do you do?
What can you learn?
How are you responding?
What we do is what brings us peace or upset?

When we respond to what inner voice guides, it will always bring us peace.
When we resist or deny what we hear and know inside, we will have regret or blame.
When we live according to our place of awareness and learning, we feel trusting and calm.
When we go against what is our place in the circle of humanity, we will be haunted and frustrated.

Live the way that follows your spiritual guideposts.
Give what is the gifting and blessing that fulfills your soul.
Honor the path within that offers you the Peace of knowing your own Goodness.
Choose the way that guides you to a life of great trust and freedom.

When listening within, I recognize each will hear answers that fit with our level of  focus, spiritual development and our part in the awakening and the remembrance of Love.

Life is a hologram.  Everything and everyone is a part of all that is.
When humanity learns to release its tensions and stresses with gentleness and ease, we will no longer experience catastrophe.
The Earth has been storing the buildup of stress.
When energy is released under great pressure, it is violent and often do great harm.

When humans learn to acknowledge, take responsibility and release their stresses immediately with ease, there need be no harm.
 Humanity has learned to condemn and dam up their energies and when they are released through accidents, wars, violent interactions, there is harm physically, emotionally, mentally and in relationships and economy.

People can learn to stop doing harm and experiencing harm when we respond to each need, each call for help immediately with the love that is in us.
When our love reservoir is depleted through our own lack of attention to our needs or misalignment of our own values, we lack the reserves to give when called and to serve when help is needed.

Take heed and respond to your own inner voice with no irritation or hesitation.
Know you are here to give to your self and one another, before there is a buildup of withheld energy which can erupt into destructive pain, violence and disaster.

Change with ease and kindness.
Release stress with respect for all.
Undo the unconscious habits and behaviors that are not respectful for the Greatest Good.
Give your yourself what you wish to give to the most Precious among you.
For when you learn to love yourself with kindness, respect, gentleness, patience and trust, you will willingly give to all others the same.

Life is meant to be a learning experience.  Everything is your teacher.
When you attend to the teaching with respect and eager responsiveness, the lessons are fun, safe and easy.
Let this be a reminder to be
happy and willing to learn. “

Blessings of Peaceful and conscious learning, 

Betty Lue