Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Can We Do?

When we see or hear of a problem, tragedy or disaster, we can stop, listen within and respond.
When our energy is (emotionally or physically) disturbed by something, we are called to respond.
When we are upset or confused by what appears to be “wrong”, we can ask for spiritual help.
When we are not happy, at peace and in love, we need to respond with Love to return to love.

We simply don’t know what to do or we would respond with love without coaching or guidance.
Love is our natural state. When we are in love, miracles happen naturally.
When we are at peace, we have understanding and know how to respond.
When we are happy, we are unafraid and easily respond with love.

Love is trust.
Trust in the Highest Outcome.
Trust in the God within Everything and EveryOne.
Trust in the Good in humanity.

Love is Freedom.
Freedom from fear.
Freedom to Forgive.
Freedom to Give freely.

When we are afraid of doing it “Wrong”, we react with fear.
When we are afraid we don’t know what to do, we react with confusion.
When we are afraid we don’t have enough, we try to respond and withhold.
When we are afraid something might happen to us, we increase the fear and lack and limitation.

What is natural?
Love is our natural state.
When we recognize we are Love, we give easily and freely.
When we remember that Love begets Love, we celebrate the creation of Love by giving Love freely.

How do we respond to any and every problem or disaster?
 Trust brings peace, generosity and open flow.
Peace.  Offer a mental or verbal blessing or positive prayer for All concerned.
Contribution.  Give tribute to the God within each individual, those being helped and the helpers.
Generosity. Give the best you have without concern for your Self.
Gratitude.  Appreciative for all the gifts of love and blessing, to meet the needs of everyone involved.

When we have no need for disasters or problems as reminders to grow and strengthen our trust, peace, contribution generosity and gratitude, perhaps we will have no more.  This is our time to respond with joyful appreciation, trust and peace, giving all we are willing to bless, heal and benefit those in need.
This is our time to give to our neighbors, those on the street, in our workplace and family, those we think of and those who think of us, recognizing we are all One family, One Son, One people and One Planet.
This is our moment to remember we are here to heal, to remember our holiness and to awaken that remembrance in everyone as One.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue