Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trust and Persistence in Service

Those who never quit always succeed.
What matters to you?
Are you continuing to do the work?
Do you consistently erase, forgive and undo all apparent obstacles?

Are you the willing one, the one who serves from the heart?
Are you aware that martyrdom and sacrifice are unnecessary?
Do you see we are all interconnected, the same?
Are you conscious that the One we serve is ourselves?

To be trusting is to be confident in our destination and goal.
To be persistent is to be patient and open to learning.
To be of service is to recognize that all that we give is given to and through ourselves.
To succeed is the end of a sacred journey where all awaken to the light and love within.

To distrust is to judge and blame, to feel guilt and regret, to separate ourselves.
To quit is to believe nothing and no one, including ourselves are worth the effort.
To be selfish and needy is to believe we are lacking and withhold our gifts of loving kindness.
We are here to be of service and realize we are serving ourselves and the unity of all.

How much effort does it take to do the “right” thing?
What does it cost to give what and how we are called?
Where do we lose if we always give our best happily?
Who misses out if we consistently play our part?

It really is up to me and you to make the difference.
There is no one else to turn to for wisdom and certainty.
We are here to learn to trust the voice within for assurance.
We are called to be the voice for sanity, teaching only Love.

We can feel when we are not trusting.
We are anxious and afraid and insecure.
We know when we are not persistent.
We feel like a loser, a quitter, guilty and small.
We can tell when we withhold our gifts of Love.
We feel needy, defensive and make excuses.

I forgive myself for limiting myself
I forgive myself for belittling myself.
I forgive myself for depleting, diminishing and denying the Power and Presence in me.
I am happy and willing to be the best I Am, give the best I have, and respect the Best for everyone.

It is time we take a position of Goodness and Greatness for All.
Expect the Best for everyone and from everyone.
I thank myself for trusting in the Highest Vision.
I appreciate myself for persisting in Service.

Eleven years of daily Loving Reminders emailed to thousands around the globe.
Even if they only make a difference in one life, mine and yours, they are worth it!
Loving with trust and persistence in service,  

Betty Lue