Sunday, January 31, 2010

Purpose for Being

When we discover our inner motivation for being here, it is far easier to make choices that support our being.
Three generalized possibilities:
When we know this lifetime is to serve our own growth and development, we choose support.
When we know we are here to explore intimacy and companionship, we choose deep connection.
When we know we are here to contribute to the betterment of others, we choose service.

Each of us has our own focus and instinctual motivation which inspires us in certain directions.
When we are fulfilling our parents’ or societal expectations or desires, we mistakenly choose their path.
When we forgive external guidance and allow ourselves to listen within, we find our true purpose.
When we listen within and trust, honor and respect our path and purpose, life becomes clear and conscious.

To come to the realization of what our true purpose is frees us to choose the lifestyle, people and opportunities that support our integrity.
To know our purpose and live at odds is a waste of energy, a source of dissatisfaction and self denial.
To live our purpose fully and freely, renders us clear, energized, happy and super effective.
To discover our passion and purpose is like realigning with our own unique High Way.

Life can be fun, safe and easy only when we drop our distractions, detours, disappointments and delays.
We let go of our complaints and victimization when we are willing to take full responsibility for our choices.
We free ourselves to choose again when we hold no judgments, no guilt or blame, for making mistakes.
We love, trust and respect ourselves and our lives when we live on purpose with integrity.

So this is your work and mine.
Discover the Piece of God You Are.
Explore the Purpose or calling for which you have volunteered.
Follow the Path that supports your purposeful calling.

There is no hardship or difficulty in doing what God in you has appointed you Truth.
Take time to undo everything that is less than whole and Loving and trust what remain.
Life is simple and straightforward.
Humanity has created the complexity and crookedness.

Be still and see what your life really has been about.
What really matters to you in everyone encounter?
What really matters to you in how you spend your time?
What really matters to you in the way to live and love and give?

Once we determine our Higher Purpose in Being Here Now, we must eliminate the contradictions.
Where there are conflicting interests, it is difficult to be focused and successful.
Where there is confusion within, we cannot discern the inner voice.
Where there is laziness and lack of consciousness, we do not see the turn in the road.

Give your life your very best.
Assume nothing and be aware of everything.
Appreciate every choice and within it you will see its value.
Trust and respect you all along the way and your will be trusted and respected.

Life is your sacred journey.
Pay attention and Appreciate the Beauty and Goodness along the way.
Betty Lue