Monday, January 25, 2010

Off To Hawaii

Traveling Again January 26 to February 4.

Off to Hawaii with a small group for our retreat.
Please come next year if you are called.

I am available by phone if needed for consultation during the week.
We expect to return renewed and revitalized with our 2010 vision in place.
See below the schedule for the next few month.
Also pics of the grandkids from the last trip to the snow and some Holiday fun.

Know wherever you are Goodness is.
We must be aware of good in you and share it freely to experience Good for ourselves.
Life provides us with the solutions.
They lie within the recognition that we are the Gift.

When we are willing to be and see the Gift of Good we are, we share it freely, without condition.
When we withhold the Good waiting to be given to first, we deny ourselves and others.
We were mistakenly taught that giving must be only for special times or special ones.
Goodness is meant to be remembered and shared everyday with everyone.

Goodness shines through the Love in our hearts.
Goodness remains clear and powerful when given consistently.
Goodness is the way to remember our true nature.
Goodness is the ideal way to be happy everyday.

Be Good to you.
Be Good to those you encounter.
Be Good just because it feels Good!

Loving you, really Good!
Betty Lue