Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Beginnings

To begin again, we need to put closure on the old ways and complete what was.
There is a strong call for honorable closure with forgiveness and gratitude.
Where we still have grievances, we will drag them with us.
Where we continue to live with regret, our guilt will keep us stuck in the past.

It is essential to begin anew with a clean canvas and a fresh outlook.
Where we judge what was, we will repeat it.
Where we remember what didn’t work, it will continue to haunt us.
Where we withhold our love and trust from others, they will continue to disappoint us.

Where we give our negative or positive attention will be recreated by our attentive energy.
We do have a choice about what we judge and forgive, what we remember and forget.
We are the captains of our own lives and our destiny, our relationships and our health.
It is through our thoughts that we broadcast our beliefs, our words and tone, our attitude and behavior.

You may wonder why you are treated in a way you don’t appreciate.
Look at your face and your posture, your history and your memories.
Listen to your tone of voice, your words and your inner thoughts.
Everything you think, and say and do is teaching all the universe, especially those who are listening.

If you want to make a difference in your life and your world to have a new beginning.
You must change.
Don’t try to get the other to change.
Your desire to fix, correct, influence and advise the other says you disapprove.

To believe, think, speak or act like the other is wrong hurts, offends and creates separation.
When you are asked for your opinion, ie How could I do this better?, give them positive feedback.
If you don’t want to hurt their feelings, DON”T!
If you don’t want to push, demand or threaten, DON”T!

When you are paid to be of service, to teach, counsel or coach, DO!
When you are requested to do what it takes, to get the other to wake up and be responsible, DO!
When you have been asked, keep it confidential, respectful, with timelines and boundaries.
When you are willing to be a confidante, be respectful in everyway and sensitive to the needs of the other.

Most relationships have the potential for helping and healing or hurting and destroying.
Each one of us chooses how to approach our lives and those we love.
If you want to be truly helpful, first take care of your own business.
Do not try to be of help when you are stuck, because your own neediness will be projected onto the other.

If you are unsure about how to have a new beginning, make your request of  yourself and the other.
“Do you want to turn over a new leaf, start again with a different mindset, because I do!”
When you discover your own willingness and that of the other, do your own work.
Mind your own business and do what is the highest and best with no expectations.

Keep your agreements, Make no assumptions. Give your best.
You are learning how to make a new beginning every day in every way.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

Jan. 16-17 Whole Life Purpose, Integration and Balance: “Peace Within”
Come to our Rio Vista Home for sacred time away from the ordinary to discover more about your true self, your ideal life and how to find balance and inner peace.  “Be not conformed to the world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.”
Saturday 16th, 10-5PM and Sunday 17th, 12-4PM (immediately after church).
Labyrinth walk, T’ai Chi Chi Moving Meditation, Energy Balancing Exercises, Personal Symbology and inner listening, plus Vegetarian lunch (soup, bread and salad provided both days. All are invited. Suggested contribution of $75 for both days.