Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More of the Same or Something New

Are you Giving?
It is essential that we all give whatever we can to our Haitian brothers and sisters who are in dire need.  Everyone, even children, can give something to this cause.
To learn the value of giving without condition is essential to begin to value the unlimited reSource from which we all come and return.
When we give to those who have need, we are giving to all humanity.  Let us provide the basic needs for survival and then to share opportunities for remembering we are one family.  We can offer opportunities for education and inspiration, for achievement and creativity, for experiences of freedom and safety.  Each one of us can find the place in our lives to give. This last weekend Reunion Ministries gave 100% of the contributions by our retreat participants= $1062.  We will be giving consistently to the rebuilding of the hospitals, schools, businesses and homes after the basic survival needs are met. Can you join us in answering the call?.  

Loving you, 
Betty Lue and Robert

More of the Same or Something New

If you want more of the same in your life and your relationships, keep focusing on what is wrong.
If you want something new and beautiful, clear the past and stop trying to fix the old.
Some like to repair what is broken.
Some value the process of correcting others’ mistakes.
Some simply affirm what is working and let the rest undo itself.

Metaphysically, we know that where you place your attention, you create more.
When we focus on what is wrong, we believe and see there are more mistakes and problems.
When we notice, affirm and appreciate what we value, we increase what we want to experience.
Life gives us what we energize with our attention.

We often learn in school to notice and correct all mistakes.
Our learned programming is to try not to make errors.
We often look at ourselves and our work looking for problems to solve.
We actually exaggerate and emphasize our mistakes and wrong-doing.

When we stop trying to correct and truly work on expanding the Good, mistakes are lessened.
When we let of worry and fear, we find trust and love in its place.
When we allow the flow of creativity and divine possibility into our minds, we feel confident.
When we set our minds free from limited thinking, we believe and see openness and clearing.

When we can celebrate the good we see, we are empowered to do more good.
When we appreciate the gifts and blessings, we believe and create more goodness.
When we let go of limitation and praise God for possibility, we know how to flow.
When we free ourselves from self doubt and trust in higher power, we can be the blessing.

Yes, even in tragedy and disaster, death and destruction, we can be the ones to offer strength.
Even when we do not know the answers, we can trust they will come.
Even when it is dark and cold and lacking, we can know the light and warmth and provision will come.
Even when we seek to see the Gift in All, we must believe there is hope and faith and Love.

We are the ones who must carry the torch of gratitude, celebration and Love.
We are among those who are here to remember and relay the Good News.
We are the ones who in the dark times must sing the songs of forgiveness and faith.
We are the ones to bring hope to the despairing and comfort to the bereft.
In this we do the healing and Holy work of the enlightened Christ Self within.

Let’s stop complaining about our petty earthly concerns and start realizing our true calling.
Let’s surrender our worries and start by believing in the miracles that come from Love.
Let’s release our judgments and analysis and roll up our sleeves to do the Good that is needed.
Let’s let go of our dark imaginings and hopelessness and provide joyfully and abundantly for all.

We can and we shall be the Ones to Light our world with Love.
Loving all of us as One,  

Betty Lue

Don’t you love syncronicity!  Same day, same topic.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 Daily Word
Let Go, Let God
I release and allow God's magnificence to flow through me.
This little phrase is a powerful statement of Truth: Let go, let God.
I know that when I cling to what I perceive as a problem, my mind races to try to fix it. In this mode,
I am working the problem instead of allowing the solution. By releasing my grip, I allow divine wisdom to flow freely within me.
Let go, let God, isn't about giving up; it is about going to the Source.
Rather than casting my hands up in despair, I open my heart and mind and go within in prayer. In the silence, the answers I have been chasing rise to the surface easily. Miracles occur.
When I step out of the way and allow divine guidance to flow, I unleash the wisdom of God within me.
I can do nothing on my own. As I hear, I judge; and my judgment is just, because I seek to do not my own will but the will of him who sent me.--John 5:30