Monday, January 18, 2010


When we come into bodies, we have a birth day.
When an institution comes into form legitimized legally, it is incorporated.
Friday was the incorporation birth day for Reunion in Jan. 15, 1981.
After five years in service with classes, family potlucks, weekly Sunday and Friday spiritual fellowship, many retreats, workshops, counseling and spiritual direction to hundreds of individuals and families, Reunion was formally born 1981, as a 501.C3 with legal non-profit status.  We have continued our work for 34 wonderful years.

We have been and continue to be a space of freedom and trust where people gather to find their true inner identity as the Love They Are.  When we reunite with the Love within, we experience the reunification with others and with our Spiritual Source.  Some call the Creator, God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Infinite Goodness and some have no name for the Omniscient and Omnipresent.  It is in our inner and outer Reunion that we come to know the Peace that passes all understanding.  There is Love and only Love and the call for Love prevail in all things. With the incorporation of Reunion, I have been called to many places of service with creating community centers, programs for service through holistic healing, counseling and ministry. In all the Good work, there is always provision through the Love of those who contribute directly to Reunion and those who contribute and serve in their families, communities and in our world.  In Reunion, we realize we are all working with Love for the same healing and Holy Purpose.
We recognize it is together that fulfills and inspires, that touches and teaches everyone everywhere.

I am blessed with the awareness that we are all together, reunited in the Spirit, the vision and the activity of Love.  As we grow in trust and freedom, we all will awaken to the Joy and abundance that comes from actively Loving All.
Some loving reminders for our Healing and Holy Work.

·     Love everyone, but first Love Your whole Self.
·     Give the best you have in every interaction.
·     Forgive mistakes and omissions of yourself and others as you go.
·     Take time to appreciate your self and your givingness
·     Consistently forgive and release the past.
·     Let Spirit in you make all things new.
·     Trust that everything is working together for Good.
·     Be willing to see and seek and appreciate what is working for Good.
·     Be willing to ignore, undo and erase what appears not to be working.
·     Offer praise, thanksgiving and choose always and only for the Highest Good.

Loving you as we come together in Love for the sole Purpose of Loving,
Betty Lue