Saturday, January 30, 2010

Goodness is Given for the Sake of Giving Good

Questions to ponder:
Have you ever wanted to have what you want?
Have you questioned why some have and some seem not?
Have you practiced the principles of prosperity without adequate result?
Have you given, but never seemed to get?

Are we dealing with an imagined belief that the individual is more important than the whole?
Are we accustomed to being so egocentric that we believe one cell is more significant than the body?
Are we so caught in the paradigm of competition and each man for himself that we think selfishly?
Are we teaching our “specialness” is the key to success and prosperity, happiness and health?

I have been noticing how much of our world lives in the instinctual subtype of “Self Preservation”.
“My needs, my goals, my desires, my healing, my security and my growth are primary in this lifetime.”
This is not bad or good: it simply is essential for those who believe it is essential for them.
They often believe they are special, needy, important, better than, more actualized, the chosen or …..
Self-serving and sometimes selfish, but essential to this learned way of believing and perceiving.
When one comes from this place, they project everyone is like them.

The Haitian help is coming mostly from those with a “social –global” instinctual subtype.
They see the world as a place where everyone deserves fairness, the same rights and opportunities.
They desire to create a better place where everyone can be happy, healthy and successful.
They look for a way to contribute to the greater whole, the family, the community and the world.
Finding their place in the collective whole is where they belong and serve and need to be.
When one comes from this place, they often believe others need to be equally generous and giving.

The “relational” or “sexual” instinctual subtype seeks to bond with another.
The world is seen as a place to create intimate connections,.(twin souls, like minds, best friends, etc.)
We seek the One who understands us, the special relationship that is unconditionally loving, the beloved with whom we live happily ever after.
Some may spend their life seeking for that special Soulmate who fulfills our fantasies.
We seek the Union of minds and bodies, the opportunity to create an eternal interdependence.

With these differing perspectives and motivations, we have very different values and lifestyles.
Our beliefs about God and success and being fulfilled are all very different.
And our requests from the Universe for prosperity and Good in our lives show up distinctly different.
So it is that we must never assume our world view is similar.

To the self preservation subtype, we need to get in order to have anything to give or do or be.”
To the relationship subtype, we need to have to be able to share with our beloved.
To the social/global type, the purpose for having is to give to one and all.
There is much to be learned and individualized from these generalizations.
( I write from a global perspective.)

Why create or manifest Abundance for the sake of simply having lots of Good?
Why would we imagine the Universe to give to some and take from others?
How could it be that a Loving God loves some especially well and others with less?
Could it be that we have projected “our God” to be motivated in the same ways we are?

Trusting that you will explore and learn and expand your consciousness for the sake of All,
Betty Lue