Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Is Needed?

We are on our way to the Lake House to complete the space for the dedication on Saturday afternoon.
I may not be able to send out Loving Reminders from there, so know I will be back in touch on Sunday AM.
Still working on another way to send what I want to you (without the hassle of being edited or blocked) where I have full control of what I send to you.
We think we have a way which will be in place by Jan. 1.

Do you need anything? You have food, shelter, ways to get books and education, places and people to go for wisdom and inspiration, the right to speak and dress and think as you like, clean water and air and a bed to sleep in at night.  “The richest and most privileged nation in the world”…And still we want more.

Are we so spoiled that we feel entitled to more or do we simply not recognize the blessing we have?
Are we identifying our worth with how much we have?
Are we addicted to having the best, the latest, the most?
Or is shopping one way of avoiding our need for self realization?

Maybe not this year, but sometime…..consider giving up the shopping for stuff.
Consider giving away what you have and do not use.
Consider doing acts of service and kindness for others.
Consider saying something loving and appreciative to everyone you encounter.
Consider writing notes of genuine appreciation to your loved ones and to yourself.
Consider being a blessing to someone in need, someone without food or shelter,
Consider loving someone with no family or friends.
Consider giving your change to the bell-ringers.
Consider adopting an animal from a shelter or sponsoring a an animal in a preserve.
Consider adopting a child in an impoverished family for the year.
Consider giving to your church or educational institution.
Consider getting friends together to pay for a someone’s tuition to college.
Consider cleaning up you community or your home or garage.
Consider giving all the clothes, food, and blankets and household goods to a shelter for the homeless.
Consider singing at a rest home this Christmas or adopting an elderly person who has no one.
Consider giving a note of appreciation or tip to those who serve you well.
Consider doing something special and especially meaningful for Christmas.

You see, Christmas, is a reminder to  be the giver.
This Holiday is about bringing the Gift of Love to everyone.
This season gives us everything we could want to be shared with everyone everywhere.
If you are reading this consider asking yourself, what are you called to give and to whom?

Begin with loving and appreciating yourself in the most meaningful way.
You are the gift….the gift of Life and Love, the Gift of laughter and delight, the gift of Joy and Peace.
The Gift is replenished in its givingness.
So plug up the holes of discontent, fear, criticism, guilt and blame and give to keep the Gift alive.

Loving you with the Best I know and have and Am, Betty Lue

Our spiritual family is providing for three single Mom families and their children with gifts and gift cards from Walmart and Winco grocery store.
Those who are called to join us will be singing and sharing teddy bears and inspiring bookmarks with those in four nursing homes on Christmas afternoon in Pleasant Hill and in Brentwood.
We will be hosting our personal families with grandchildren on the day after Christmas.
We are inviting you to the Reunion Lake House for spiritual retreat during the week of Dec. 28-Jan. 1.
Our Unity Center for Inspired Living holiday events are ( Everyone is invited) 10 Service 11:30-1PM after service events.
Dec. 20 Potluck and white elephant gifting game,
Dec. 27 Burning Bowl Blessing of 2009.
Jan. 3  Visioning and Treasure Map for 2010.
We have collected toys and clothing this last month which is being distributed to those in need.
I invite you to the Joy of Giving! Betty Lue