Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What is Good for You?

How do you choose what is best?
How do you decide what to do?
How do you spend your time, energy and money?
Are you choosing based on a whim, current feelings or on a conscious choice to the highest Good?

Do you know which books to read?
Do you consider what TV or movies to watch?
Are you conscious in choosing what to buy and what to eat?
Do you know how to decide what will work best for you?

When we are stuck in indecision and conflict, we lose energy.
When we do not know what to do. we waste energy in trying to decide.
When we second guess ourselves and doubt the choices we make, we allow fear to win.
When we choose and then question, it is like stepping on the gas and the brakes simultaneously.

The best way to decide is to consider your self.
Visualize each choice and notice the energy.
The best decision is the one which increases energy and strengthens us.
The choice which weakens or depletes our energy may get us stuck in trying to fix the leak.
(Fixing the leak + convincing ourselves we are RIGHT.)

When you are willing, listen within.
Listen to your heart.
Listen to your higher Self.
Listen to the Voice within that will guide you only with Love.

When you are willing to spend time each day listening for guidance, you will begin to hear.
As you follow what you are given, you will increase your ability to hear and strengthen your willingness.
When you are living a life following the highest Good for all, you will notice that life works.
When you are living a fearful life guided by defensiveness and caution, you will notice life has pitfalls.

Questions to be asked and answered from within:
Where am I to go today?
What am I to do?
Whom shall I meet and what will I say?

There is a place in you, when your defensive “Yama yama” mind is still that you will find simple peaceful answers filled with love, respect and gratitude.  IN this place of stillness All Good is revealed and your true and natural Loving Self awaits your willingness to listen and follow.
The Goodness and God in you call for your conscious happy willingness to lead you Home to Greater Peace and Love than you have ever know.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue