Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time To Let Go

Happy New Year’s Eve

When we adore our history, we will try to repeat it.
When we abhor our history, we will repeat it in our minds if not our lives.
When we learn from our history, we will be grateful.
When we release our history with gratitude and blessing, we are free.

When we do not judge, we stay in trust.
When we do not compare, we enjoy what is.
When we do not try, we are at peace with ourselves,
When we appreciate our lives, we trust and free ourselves.

Most children are taught to judge, compare, try and evaluate their selves.
In society, education and the workplace, we are measured by our relative productivity.
Comparison usually yields displeasure, disappointment and anxiety over our relative abilities.
When we release all to God, recognizing all is Good, we find the intrinsic value in everything.

For everything there is a cycle and a season.
Life is a series of learning opportunities for those who enjoy learning.
Life offers adventures, experiences and responsibilities for the ones who are grateful for it all.
Life seems to be struggles, obstacles, burdens and suffering for those who react and resist.

At this ending to 2009, let us graciously and gratefully release what has been.
Let us acknowledge that “All things work together for good.:
Let us remember “Everything always works more exquisitely than we can plan.”
Let us enjoy with trust and gratitude all we have learned and earned along the way.

Together we will remember that all of life is a gift.
Together we can remind one another that what works is to stop all judgment.
Together we rest assured that each one of us is loved and valued.
Together we step into the New Year with Peace and Joy in our hearts.

How can you complete what has been this last year?
How do you make yourself ready for the New Year 2010?
What are the rituals or methods of effective closure that you use?
What are your preparations for the New Year?

See the suggestions below.
Or use native peoples clearing with releasing the past through burning burying or cleansing.
Or simply list all you have learned, gained and realized this year.
Or acknowledge the value of this year and its blessings.

Take some time to envision what you really want for yourself, your family and the planet.
You are creating the world you want to see and be for others.
By continuing to focus on the bad, the mistakes or what you want to be erased, you create more.
By envisioning the Good, the ideal, the possibilities for one and all, you facilitate their creation.

Let this New Year’s be one of peace, trust, freedom and joy for you in every way,  

Betty Lue