Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It’s Up To Me!

Yes, it is up to me and you to make our own dreams come true.
Yes, what we see needs to be done is ours to do.
Yes, we are the ones we are waiting for.
Yes, we can achieve what we conceive and believe when we receive our own inner guidance.

What seems to interfere with our inner peace and fulfillment:
1) Conflicting thoughts by trying to please others and yourself and believing you cannot do both.
2) No clearly defined goals and priorities.
3) Living out our past mistakes because we still hold judgment in our minds.
4) Believing we are unworthy, incapable and unsupported.
5) Scattered attention with focus on others’ behaviors and accomplishments.

What works:
1) Do what is best for you and know it is best for others.
2) Make your own list of goals and priorities.
3) Work on one thing at a time.
4) Affirm the very best for yourself and others.
5) Mind your own business.

What is best for you will make you feel happy, energized, capable, supported and loved.
In your interactions with others you will support them only in doing what is best for them.
They will feel happy, energized, capable, loved and supported.
Differences in priorities and abilities will not be noticed or criticized.

Take time to list your overall goals in life.
Then take one step at a time, focused on first things first.
Keep yourself focused on what you CAN Do.
BE true to your own priorities rather than ask or listen to others.

With focus on avoiding your past mistakes, you will tend to repeat them.
While there is much that tells us to learn from our mistakes, where we focus, we increase.
Our thoughts create …negative thinking creates as well.
Forgive the past…all of it…and you will discover that only the Good remains.

Give yourself affirmations daily. “I am loveable and capable.”
“Everything I do and say is a blessing to all, including myself.”
“The universe supports me in being and giving my very best.”
“Everything I do with joy and gratitude increases my joy and gratitude.”

While suggesting, advising, guiding and telling seems to be loving, it may feel like pressure and parenting.
Commenting on what others do and how they do it, is like a teacher in a classroom or hovering mother.
It is always best to mind our own business and be our best rather than criticize another…unless asked.
With full attention on our own thoughts, words, action and attitude, we maximize our positive success.

Loving you with the best I know through lots of experimentation and inner listening to what works,
Betty Lue

Remember, people pay me to give counsel, teaching and advice.
People ask to read these Loving Reminders and may delete whenever they wish.
I do not give unsolicited counsel, teaching or advice to anyone, including my family members.
Everyone will be much happier and more likely to succeed, when you leave others to learn from their own mistakes.