Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Investment and Gifts

I am investing in You and Me and All as One.
I invest my time, money and energy wisely.
I invest in happiness, mental and emotional health and spiritual awareness.
I invest in creating beautiful sacred spaces where everyone remembers the Light within.

My entire life has been and continues to be a Gift to me from me to You.
Every act of giving fills my cup and my cup runneth over.
Every word I speak is dedicated to contribute Goodness in our world.
Every thought I write is my commitment to spread Good News and Positive Thought everywhere.

I believe that we each have a function to fill on this earth.
When you see yourself as needy, you seek help.
When you see yourself as lacking, you seek more.
When you see yourself as limited, you seek freedom.
When you see yourself as less than, you seek to be more than.
When you see yourself as comfortable, you seek only to maintain.
When you see yourself as able, willing and fulfilled, you seek to contribute.

I invest time and energy in these loving reminders every morning.
I invest time and money in creating centers and special events for inspiration and education.
I invest love and wisdom in clients and students.
I invest positive prayer and affirmation in increasing the goodness in life.
I invest time, energy and listening  in my primary partnerships.
I invest my whole life in serving the highest Good and the Will of God.

What I invest in increases.
What I invest in brings great joy and fulfillment.
What I invest in is my foundation and my Source.
What I invest is and out-picturing of Who I AM.

I use what is given to me wisely for the Good of All.
Robert and I do our own work, with home office and not employees or secretaries.
We produce and publish our own materials.  We do our own mailings and CDs.
We use money given to Reunion Ministries and to us personally to begin Centers spaces for healing, counseling and community education and inspiration, to invest in people and possibilities.
We use all our furniture and things by sharing them in service of whatever is needed for the Whole.
We recognize that we are channels for Good, for Abundance, for prospering happiness and health for all.
We understand that what comes to us must flow through us to those who will use it for the benefit of All.

This year our Unity and Reunion families adopted three single parent families for Christmas.
We provided gifts of needed clothing, toys for children and gift cards at their local grocery stores.
We had big boxes at both centers to collect clothing, toys and food which was distributed to homeless.
We are singing Christmas carols at four local nursing homes on Christmas afternoon with teddy bears.
Throughout the year, we offer counseling, coaching, classes and other services on a contribution basis or free for those who do not have.
We offer 12 step programs and talk on the phone with those who have need.
Our prayer and healing team goes to homes to offer errands, as well as comforting and healing prayer and energy work.
We continue to live our Unity mission: “To Be Love in the world.”

Life works when we share with one another the abundant gifts we are given.
Giving is simply flowing the Good we are given.

Invest in giving the Real Gifts in life, the ones that bring happiness and health, trust and freedom.

Life is for giving and You are the Gift.
It is in giving the gift of yourself that you realize the Gift You Are.

Loving you with all I have, all I know and all I AM.
Betty Lue