Saturday, December 26, 2009


What is there to celebrate you may say?
Christmas stresses done.
2009 almost complete.
A roof over your head.
Time to yourself.
Graceful aging
Good food to eat?
Warm clothes to wear.
Someone to love.
The sun rises each morning.
Safety in your home.
Multiple ways to communicate.
Freedom to read and learn.
Laws to protect women and children.
Health care available for your family.
Music all around you.
Beauty in nature.

Celebration is the fastest way to come alive with enthusiasm and creativity.
Celebration is a right and a privilege for those who seek to share happiness.
Celebration is a key to living with health, purpose and fulfillment.
Celebration costs nothing and grants us everything meaningful.

As we complete 2009, let us celebrate what we have earned and learned.
Let us celebrate the challenges, growing pains and healing needs.
Let us celebrate our mistakes and regrets and calls to forgive and live.
Let us celebrate our profound gratitude and appreciation for the Good.

When we can fully celebrate life, we have more life.
When we are grateful for what we are learning, we learn more.
When we can appreciate the challenges and their blessings, we feel more blessed.
When we can look for the Goodness and Beauty, we see more Goodness and Beauty.

So why not love more?
Why not extend more peace?
Why not be truly happy?
Why not receive the abundant blessings in life?
Why not?

Life is Good.
Loving you, Betty Lue

Written by Robert many many years a sequel to his own version of a Night Before Christmas
The Week After Christmas

T’was the week after Christmas and all through the land
Things were all settled, it was all pretty bland.
The gifts put away, the sales all complete
Settled down by the tube in my favorite seat.
I had my awareness written down in my book
Had my insights, ideas and whatever it took.
The spiritual lessons had been easy to share
They were all filed away (I’m not really sure where).
When deep down inside me there arose such a clatter
It was really unfair. Now what was the matter?
Away from my chair I flew like a flash
I looked in the mirror and then came the crash.

My life was unsettled with nothing the same
And the worst of it all—there was no one to blame.
When what to my wondering eye should appear
But a glowing white light, from behind my left ear.
With a little old angel so lively and quick
I’d seen him before. I was going to be sick.

More rapid than eagles his pronouncements they came
And he whistled and shouted and called me some names.
“More action and faith and tolerance and trust
Now listen within and be responsible, you must.
To topple complacency and breach the fear wall
Now dash away, smash away, drop away all.”

As leaves caught up in a hurricane fly
All of my thoughts were thrown up to the sky.
And as they were jumbled and tumbled and swirled
I knew when they landed, it would be a new world.
And then in a twinkling, I felt it all start
The seeds of awareness awakening my heart.

  As I came to my senses (picked myself off the floor)
I saw in my mind’s eye, a picture of more.
A world bathed in light, from the south to the north
With every one on it aware of his worth.
No one was waiting for others to do,
Or to fix or to heal or to make it all new.
Their eyes how they twinkled, their dimples how merry
When they each played their part, the world was easy to carry.
The smile on each mouth was drawn up like a bow
Shining laughter and love wherever they’d go.
The aura of kindness bespoke inner peace
Letting each individual experience release.
Oh the bright shiny faces, wherever you’d look
It seemed—to be willing was all that it took.
To start with ourselves, from deep down inside
To give our true gifts, not to withhold or hide.
With no blame, shame or guilt for our seeming mistakes,
A little forgiveness is all that it takes.
To clean up our world from inside to out

It was simple and happy and I wanted to shout.
Once I see the Christ presence in each person’s face
We all become one, with no distance or space.
I recalled in that moment just what my gift was
To love all of my brothers, with no “why” or “because”.

And I’m here to exclaim as I set myself free
I remember the truth—It all starts with me.

  Adapted by Robert Waldon