Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Best Gift of All!

My favorite Christmas story is “The Littlest Angel” which I read every year at this time, with a few tears.
So often in life, we forget about what really matters and the “reason for the season”.
What do you have to give the Christ child, the little babe lying in the manger?
What do you have to give to the little child within your heart, the One you were born to be?

Have you looked at yourself recently to discover the precious inner child?
Have you seen the beauty and goodness in your heart?
Have you given yourself the support, love and encouragement you really need?
Have you reclaimed your innocent naturally loving and trusting Self?

What if within your lies everything your seek, the Good and pure, perfect and True?
What if you are the infinite opportunity for leading the way to Good Will for All?
What if you came that your family and friends and those you encounter might know Love?
What if your life is the most precious and limitless gift of All?

Are you willing to take impeccable care of you, nourishing and nurturing your whole Self?
Are you willing to support and encourage yourself when you feel inadequate?
Are you willing to guide yourself through difficulties with patience and understanding?
Are you willing to love yourself even when you make mistakes or get confused?
Are you willing to appreciate the small achievements and acts of kindness you do?
Are you willing to be faithful, loyal and true to you?

You see, it is your light that you bring.
It is your song you are here to sing.
It is the love within you need to grow.
It is the wisdom of Goodness you came to know.

In everything, you are the One you seek.
In life it is our promise to our Holy Self we must keep.
In all relationships you are here to offer Peace.
In every act you must be the one to forgive.

With a smile, a word, a touch, you reach out and change your world.
One person, one day at a time.
With the gift of yourself you touch the hearts of humankind.
With the gentle smile of respectful kindness on your face, you teach your world a better way.

I am loving you by giving the Gift of Me to one and all.
And I celebrate You for giving the precious Gift of You to all you see.

I love You!
Betty Lue

Looking forward to our Holiday events to which you are all invited.
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