Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Being Truly Helpful

How can I be most helpful in my family, my community and my world?

Be the best I can be.
Focus on loving and actualizing myself.
Be honest and trust myself.
Join myself in honoring my own goals.
Know I am in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.
Be committed each day to live the Love I am in the most effective and fulfilling way.
Take full responsibility for all my experiences without guilt or blame.
Respond with forgiveness, kindness and love to all, no matter what.
Free myself from the limiting programs and beliefs of my culture and heritage.
Believe in the unlimited power of Love within me and all humanity.

It is by my example that I teach.
Everything I think, say and do is a teaching for all the universe.
Be clear about the message I am giving with how I am living.
Live in integrity with everything I think and say and do.

It is through my actions that I give and live the best I know.
Wherever I am called, I am available to serve the Highest Good.
I need not answer every egoic need, but rather do that which serves the inspired Good of the Being.
I am called to awaken, to encourage and to facilitate the highest potential in each being.

I need not know how, but rather be willing to be truly helpful.
I need not focus on what is wrong, but rather seek for what is “true and Good”.
I need not correct mistakes, but rather look for how to learn from everything.
I need not analyze problems, but rather clarify the desired outcome and offer creative solutions.

Life is a sacred journey.
We each are living and giving the best we know.
When we are ignorant, because we have not seen or heard of anything better, we cannot move forward.
Our work with one another is to demonstrate our good works and be obvious in our joy and gratitude.

How can you prepare for the New Year 2010?
Make a list of everything you are ready, willing and able to forgive and release.
Write down what you can see as no longer serving your highest Good.
State in writing what you are determined to release, erase, offer up and transform.
Then seek to find the blessing, the learnings, the gifts in the year past.

Release it all in a fire of purification or burying it in the earth or shredding it into the garbage.
As you release bless yourself and the past year with your gratitude and willingness to easily let go.
Trust that as easily as you release, you can create anew the highest and best your desire.
Linger not over trying to understand, to analyze, to judge or criticize.  These hold you back.

If there are pages to be released forgiven and undone, continue the process until you are clear.
If there is resentment or regret, simply ask yourself to let it all go, to be free and to trust again.
Your New Year’s gift to yourself can be a new beginning, new goals, new opportunities, a new way.
Love yourself enough to be truly helpful first to your whole and Holy self.
Your life is a gift to you.  Use it well and you will be happy and fulfilled.
Judge it and you will suffer with guilt and shame, resentment and resistance.
Now it your time, my time, to begin again.  Let’s do it together.

Loving you,  

Betty Lue