Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Everyone Is Your Brother

Today is my brother’s birthday and the birthday of a dear friend.
Both are special spirit-filled and spirit-guided people.
Both have contributed much inspiration to my life.
Both have influenced the direction of my living, loving and giving.

And there may be others among you who read these loving reminders who have a birthday today.
You are my brother, my sister, my child, my friend, my inspiration and you too inspire my life.
You contribute and add to my life, simply in living your lives, consciously with love.
For all of you, I celebrate and sing and bless and love and give to you and all my very best.

Life is a sacred journey.
We cross paths and connect with many in families and work, in airports and churches, everywhere.
We indirectly meet others along the way on the phone, in correspondence, in business and on the road.
And the ripples of our connection go on from person to person around the globe, beyond time and space.

How can it be that anyone be denied by me?
How can I forsake anyone who comes my way?
How could I not reach out in welcome and love?
How could I not give my very best to every One?

If everyone is guest in my home and in my heart, I treat everyone with dignity and respect.
If everyone is guest in my workplace, I give everyone the satisfaction of being a contributor.
If everyone is my family, I seek to serve everyone as the honored recipient of my best.
If everyone is my brother, my sister, my mother and my friend, how can I not serve with love?

Yes, I too have bad days, when I do not feel like giving, because I must give to myself.
Yes, I may forget to fill my own cup, before I fill yours and the giving is empty.
Yes, I may play a part that is not received and give away into a bottomless well.
Yes, I may speak words which ring not full of meaning because I have lost my way.

But in every act of giving love, I fill my cup as well.
In every expression of loving kindness I am filled with God’s grace.
Each time I serve with true intention, I waste nothing because in the giving all are fed.
As I speak the words, I am affirming that all be reminded including me.

You see, everyone is my brother……because each one is myself.
Everyone is my mother….because I too need to remember to be mother, sister, brother and friend.
Everyone is my savior, one who awakens in my soul the will to love and serve and remember Goodness.
You are a gift to me and I receive the gift you are.

“There is only one of us.
In your eyes it’s me I see.
There is only one of us.
You are my reflection.”
A Beautiful song whose writer I do not know.

Happy Birthday.
I am so glad you and I were born and have come to this place and time to know one another.
I am loving you with every loving thing I do.
Every time I think or speak or act with love, know I am loving YOU!
Betty Lue