Thursday, October 22, 2009

You are Needed

Where there is garbage, you are called to clean it up.
Where there is hatred, you are called to extend love.
Where there is conflict, you are called to bring resolution.
Where there is sorrow, you are called to bring comfort.
Where there is pain, you are called to bring joy.
Where there is loss, you are called to demonstrate fullness.
Where there is lack, you are called to offer true prosperity.

If you know it not, you cannot truly share.
If you are martrying, you cannot freely give.
If you are feeling separate, you cannot receive what is given.
If you are doing your duty, you cannot understand your purpose.

Life is for giving.
It is in erasing and releasing all blocks to extending the Gift you are that you know your magnificence.
When you are giving, you are forgiving the separation, the fear, the sorrow, the lack.
When you are trusting in the power of your inn Light, you are free to give All without loss.

Truly we lose nothing when we give with the understanding we are giving to ourselves.
We gain everything when we realize gifts freely given are unlimited.
There is always more to be given when we are open and willing.
We recognize our place, our path and our purpose when we celebrate being of service.

True service asks no sacrifice.
True service brings only fullness.
True service comes when we are full.
True service is honoring our highest intention.

To play your part fully:
First feed yourself.
First save yourself.
First, Love yourself.

There is no effort in giving when you are full and connected with Source.
There is inner peace and joy when you are giving from your fullness.
You are receiving all you give when you are giving from within.
You are fulfilling your purpose when you live joyfully and give freely.

Life offers opportunities to explore and discover.
Life gives us feedback on how we are doing.
Life shows us where we are over doing and under achieving.
Life is an open laboratory with obvious scorecard.

Stop judging your life.
You will see how valuable you are.
Enjoy the learning and your will learn more easily and quickly.
Appreciate your willingness to be and you will see how important it is that you are here.

Loving you,
Betty Lue