Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who Is In Charge?

We all have conflicting voices in our lives.
Outer voices and inner voices…parents, partners, children, friends, teachers, admired role models, society, experts and authorities.
The question to ask yourself is, “Who Is In Charge of My Life?”
Who runs the show for you?

Some of us choose what we learned or research proves.
Some choose history directs us.
Some choose a certain book or teaching.
Some choose an external authority.
Some are guided by emotions, what feels right or wrong.
Some listen to their friends, their therapist or Dr. Phil.
Some simply listen to the voices of fear, judgment and confusion.

When we doubt ourselves, we look for something outside to follow and guide us.
When we look to others who are afraid and confused, we simply join in the fear.
When we look to others who are clear and confident, we are guided to follow their path.
When we seek answers from within, we must begin with clearing the fog from our minds.

It is time to take full responsibilitiy for the choices we make and who we choose to follow.
It is important to understand that each one of us plays a unique part and has specific lessons to learn.
It is valuable to drop our usual or habitual way of reacting and responding to our world.
It is enlightening to discover that each decision requires the best in us.

Who or What is in charge of your life and your decisions?
Are you listening to history, to research, to the beliefs of others?
Are you listening for the voice of truth and healing and love?
Are you avoiding the fear of failure and never allowing yourself to succeed?
Are you playing small and pretending you know what is best for you?
Are you recognizing there is something more guiding you to be free of self limitation.
Are you letting rules or positions or opinions make your decisions.
Or are you letting go of what you know and asking the Voice Within?

Self Referring folks have learned to listen to their own intuition, inner guidance and voice of Love.
Self referring people trust there is a place within that know and has your best interests at heart.
Self referring people stop listening to the voices of fear and greed, judgment and need.
Self referring people understand that the little ego self pretends to know, but is afraid.

External referral is what most people are taught to be…
Listen to parents, authorities, teachers, rule-makers and leaders.
Follow someone you admire and do what they do.
Live your life based on someone else and stay our of trouble and making mistakes.

What would it take to spend some time each day, giving your life and your decisions to Goodness?
What would it cost to sincerely ask what is the highest and best direction for your life each day?
What would make the difference in how confident you are by listening with success in mind?
What could you do to choose the highway and freeway, where life works for you?

Where you have upset, know you are off purpose and listening to limiting and mistaken direction.
Where you feel hurt and afraid, know you are off course and doing what others direct.
When you feel lost and confused, know you have been given a wakeup call to teach you to stop and listen.
When you are busy, distracted and following the traffic, where others are going, you may be misguided.

Forgive yourself for forgetting to listen to the voice of Love.
Forgive yourself for getting off purpose.
Forgive yourself for pretending you know what is best for you.
Forgive yourself for trying to tell others what they should do.

Choose again to listen and follow the Voice of Love and Peace, Forgiveness and Happiness within.

Betty Lue