Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Are You Creating on the Canvas of Your Life?

Each of us is creating the life we have.
Whether we do it consciously or unconsciously, we are creating.
We don’t often take responsibility for our creations, because we judge them.
We don’t often forgive our “mis-creations” and then choose again more consciously.

This physical realm is where we have the opportunity to fully experience our creative potential.
The ego often takes credit for the “Good” creations and blame other powers for the “bad” creations.
When we judge, we get “stuck” with what we have created, rather than immediately undo the untrue.
When we forgive all judgments, what is “created” simply moves on and we allow a blank canvas.

One day at a time……simply create one day at a time.
One vision to be held in the mind, until we know it is fine.
One quality to be lived in each word and deed that we give, Love only Love.
One act filled with gratitude and joy will beget more gratitude and joy.

Egos create drama, struggle and distress.
Spirit creates peace and ease and harmony.
Egos build challenges and unhappy endings.
Spirit fills our world with encouragement, hope and support.

Egos are in competition.
Spirit joins for the Good of All.
Egos may act unconsciously and without consideration.
Spirit is aware and chooses with wisdom and love for everyone.

Egos take ownership and credit.
Spirit gives gratitude for Higher Power.
Egos build defenses in thought, word and deed.
Spirit is defenseless and trusts in Divine outcome.

Egos need to be right and hold their opinions.
Spirit chooses to be happy and lets Love lead in all things.
Egos strive to be better than others, to win at all costs.
Spirit realizes all are equal and serves the Good of all with no losers.

Egos build protection against outside enemies.
Spirit clears their inner world of conflict and fear.
Egos conjure up justifications and explanations for withholding Love.
Spirit recognizes and forgives all inner obstacles to Love and to Loving.

Egos create defenses against what they have made fearful.
Spirit forgives the fear and sees more Goodness to Love.
Egos blames externals and past history for its fearfulness.
Spirit forgives all fear and seeks the Truth beneath the false.

Our creative practice serves to strengthen our awareness of our creative power.
Our judgments on what we create weaken our power and stop being responsible.
Our work is to see, forgive, erase, undo and choose again.
There is no value in being unwilling to take responsibility.

Let us see and be the Love we are created to be.
In this there is forgiveness, healing and greater appreciation for the Power of Love.

Blessings to us all,
Betty Lue

We have spent the last few days with grandchildren in Petaluma and at the Reunion Lake House, where we are creating a sacred space to renew, reflect and respond to the Love within. I love the beauty and bounty of this Earth and all creation. Blessed be..