Friday, October 16, 2009

Play Your Part

Everyone can do just a little to help.
Together there is nothing we cannot do.
It takes a village to raise a child.
It takes a nation to bring peace to our world.

It takes just one to feed someone who is hungry.
It takes just one to smile at someone who is lonely.
It takes just one to reach out a trusting hand.
It takes just one to comfort the one who has lost his best friend.

Wherever you are, there is someone who needs you so……

Observe your world.
Look into their eyes.
Listen within and hear what you are to give.
There is no compromise.

What you can do is far more than you yet know.
Listen and learn from your elders.
Listen and give to those who have nothing.
Listen and love those who are afraid.
Listen and give comfort to those in pain.
Listen and give shelter to those who lie in the rain.
Listen and give inspiration to those who are discouraged.
Listen and give hope to the depressed.
Listen and give food to the hungry.
Listen and give faith to the bereft.
Listen and give clean water and food to the sick.
Listen and give your Presence to the lonely.
Listen and give aid to those needing help.
Listen and give encouragement to those wanting to succeed.
Listen and give….wherever there is need.

Whomever you serve with love in your heart is a source of inspiration and fulfillment to you.
Whomever you serve is the part you are here to realize the gifts within you.
Whomever you serve is helping a part of yourself, the family of humanity.
Wherevere you give, you will know great joy and gratitude simply for giving.

Yes, giving for the sake of giving is forgiving yourself for withholding your gifts.
Giving, freely and fully giving, sets you free to realize there are no limits for those who serve.

Loving you in giving the Gift of your whole and Holy Healing Self!
Betty Lue

This email was sent by a thoughtful and loving young adult, still working on her own life purpose and direction, still figuring out her own way to be an independent and contributing adult.
Listen to her heartfelt message.
Everyone can give, no matter what their circumstances.
If you are stuck on ways you can be of service, ask me how…….

From Amy.....
"Stand up we shall not be moved,
except by a child with no socks and shoes.
If you 've got more to give
than you've got more to prove,
put your hands up and I’ll copy you.
Stand up and we shall not be moved,
except by a women dying from a loss of food
If you've got more to give than you've got more to prove"
Flobots "stand up."

The holiday season is here. If the middle class people feel like we’re struggling, just think about the huge homeless population.
These last few years have only been getting worse for donations, not only on food but everyday necessities.
We are all in our own situation through different means.
We should not judge when we have not walked in ones shoes.
Nor is it our right to prosecute the children of these populations for what they have no control over.

Every year around this time I hear of various organizations that are trying to better our people.
Who am I too not help out?
I have a car, a job, a bed, roof over my head, food in my stomach, nice clothes on my body and lots of extra stuff laying around I do not need.
The other day I found three things of toothpaste.
I know I bought them on sale because it was such a good deal.
But really why do I need all of them?
So, I went through my bathroom and house and found multiplies of things that others need way more than I do.
I also bought items with my money and used coupons wisely to donate to the Berkeley food and housing project.
Please check out to see what you can donate.

This is just one organization I came across this year that desperately needs what ever you can give.
Many church's, after school programs, shelters even animal shelters.
The fire depts or police will know of other places that may be close to you.
Please do your part starting today to think about how you can give.
This is the true meaning of the season anyways.

Please also forward this and put on your myspace or facebook page.