Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Everyone Is Teacher

Where there is attraction, there are lessons to be learned.
Where there is aversion, there are lessons to be learned.
Where there is neutrality, there may be completion.
Be aware of what you are learning from each one you encounter.

Where others are attracted to you, there is something to be learned.
Where others are avoiding you, there is something to be learned.
Where there is neutrality (neither attraction nor aversion), there may be completion.
Pay attention to what is of value and service to both, you and the other.

Ask within: What can I learn from the encounter?
What will be of benefit to me and to the other?
How can I facilitate the teaching and learning?
What am I to do or say to bring peace and harmony to us both?

Often we answer surface needs and respond with casual conversation.
Many times relationships get bogged down in petty disagreements.
Sometimes people simply are afraid to look for ways to Love and Trust one another.
People learn to be cautious and withholding of their deepest thoughts and feelings.

What would it take for you to engage everyone with words that heal?
How many times have you withheld saying simply, “I love you.”?
Are you willing to reach out with a smile, a touch, a word of gratitude and love?
Can you be the one to respond with heartfelt meaning, rather than superficial words?

Who in your life keeps seeking something from you?
When do you step away rather than move closer?
How can you give what is needed rather than wait for it to be given to you?
Can you accept that You are the willing and conscious one?

What this may mean is the students are ready.
The teacher needs to be show up, pay attention and share the highest Truth.
The willing and conscious one needs to give everything he/she has to be fully received.
The One with the most awareness and openness must give to teach the others.

There is no time like the present….in all your relationships and at all times.
Yes, the grocery store..each phone call….even with strangers.
Give your highest and best always and in all ways and see what happens.
Life is the school.
Everyone is student and teacher.
Only the awakened ones participate fully giving and receiving.
You are beginning to notice what happens when you are willing.
You are making a difference with every thought, word and interaction.
Give your best and trust this is your teaching and your learning.

Loving you, right now, yes You!
Yes, I am trusting you and freeing you to fully BE and freely Give the Highest and Best in You.
Betty Lue