Friday, October 30, 2009

Do You Know What You Want?

Can you imagine how good life can be?
Do you focus on where you are going instead of where you have been?
Are you present right now, enjoying the life you have?
Have you given yourself gratitude for all you have created, without judging it right or wrong?

Can you be in this place you find yourself and trust it is Good?
Can you know that where you are is your right place to be, teaching and learning perfectly?
Are you willing to give up the stories of victimization and blame and accept what is now?
Can you see that every choice you make leads to feeling happy and peaceful or unhappy and upset?

Are you willing to trust that your higher Self is teaching you to be strong with confidence and clarity?
Are you up for reassessing your whole life and seeing how it is all on purpose?
Up until this moment you have been earnestly involved in waking yourself up from the dream?
You are daily giving yourself the opportunity to choose: Will it be Love or Fear today?

Will I react with fear and anger or respond with forgiveness and Love?
Will I judge this person/situation and feel separate or accept this person/situation and feel connected?
Can I give myself the courage to step beyond the normal reaction and reach for the Higher Truth?
Am I willing to consistently and conscientiously be a healing and helpful presence?

You are the Power and the Presence that can change your world.
You have what is takes to do what is needed with respect and Love.
You can step away from what others want and expect and do what is Highest and Best.
You are the One who is most conscious in this and every situation. You are the change agent.

How to do all this?
First, get out of your way.
Drop your stories.
Let go of wishful thinking.
Stop replaying the dramas over and over in your mind.
Undo the beliefs that you know are fabrications.
Respect the Power and Love within you.
Trust that there is a higher and better way.
Seek only to be Good, do Good and have Good in your life.
Recognize that the circle of life continues from where you are.
You can interrupt any negative patterns or programs once you see them.
You can be the change your want to see and it affects everyone equally.
Start by simply saying the words.
I love and respect You and me and want only and always the Best for each of us.
Remember that what you give will be received even on an unconscious level.
What you give you will receive as you give it with sincerity and peace.

Take the time today to clear the way to live at peace in love and be happy.

Loving you,
Betty Lue