Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do You Fit?

Ever wonder why you are here?
Or feel like a stranger in a strange land?
Want to find a place of safety and comfort?
Looking for some home base or way to relate?

Perhaps like so many awakening ones, you need to stop trying to be ordinary.
Perhaps it is time to accept your self0-chosen destiny.
Perhaps you need to do what will love and serve the authentic You.
Perhaps it is time for you to truly honor and respect you and your calling!

The ones who are conscious and awake know…..
Be alone or serve.
Be alone with the Truth of your being…..
Serve from the place of unconditional love and spiritual wisdom.

Live in a monastery, in a Tibetan cave or ashram…..
Or serve humanity in whatever you do, wherever you go.
Create a sanctuary at home.
Spend time alone in nature.
Play, sing, dance, write and live a simple monastic life.
When you are called, step out into the world to serve the Greater Good.
At the grocery store, on the highway, in the workplace, when talking on the phone…always be in conscious service.

Bring forth the Good in everyone.
Reach out.
Teach by example.
Be respectful of all life.
Be a good steward of what you have.
Take care of those people and spaces with which you have been entrusted.
Honor the past and the future, but live in the present.
Keep your home, your finances, your relationships impeccable.
Clean up after yourself immediately.
Wait for no one, act immediately on your inner voice.
If you see something that needs attention, do it with intention.
Remember always, you are the conscious one, the willing one, the awakening one.
Life is your playground.
Play with joy and gratitude for the opportunity to see and hear and know.

Loving you,
Betty Lue