Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are You Living Up To Your Potential?

Are you unaware of your Purpose in being here?
Do you live with limiting beliefs about yourself
Do you give excuses for not having, doing and being what you desire?
Are you stuck in believing you can’t or just are unlucky?

What have you done to yourself to be stuck?
What can you do to set yourself free?
Are you envious of what others do and have?
Are you willing to find your ideal way to live?

Do you enjoy life everyday?
Have you created your own life or do you feel others did it to you?
Are you willing to get up off the couch, turn off the TV and find a better way?
Are you open to stop living with fantasy and wishful thinking and start choosing for yourself?

Are you lazy, procrastinating or just confused and afraid of failing?
Are you caught in someone else’s dream and trying to make them happy, while you are silent?
Are you willing to be the man/woman you are meant to be?
Can you give up holding yourself small and rise to your Greatness?

Everyone does have a Higher Purpose.
Everyone can live to their Potential.
Everyone is able to be Fulfilled and at Peace in life.
You simply need to know more about Who You Are and to clear the limiting programming.

If you are living small…limited, little and lacking… can undo what is not true and choose again.
If you are stuck in a rut of unconscious behavior, you can move out into the light of self knowledge.
If you are lost in a sea of confused and complicated choices, you can find the simply and clear path.
If you are afraid of letting someone or something else lead you, you can find and choose your own way.

The path is safe.
The way is easy.
The journey is fun.
You are the One, you are here to find and serve and save.

Learn to listen within and find what is true for you.
Explore many options.
See guidance from those who know.
Pay attention to the results of where you go.

This morning I realized how much I know and naturally use all the self discovery tools I have utilized for the last 35 years and more. I am hearing I am to share them more obviously and earnestly with those who seek to live their potential..
My mission continues to be: to inspire, encourage and facilitate everyone I encounter to live their potential.
You can expect classes and workshops and retreats in 2010 beginning in January..........
Focusing on
Enneagram, Numerology, Taoist astrology, I Ching, Behavior Styles, Mind Map, Symbology, Michael System, archetypes, medicine wheels , Four Fold Way, Inner Listening, Cycles and Seasons, Soul Clearing, Five Elements Theory, Hand Reading, Myers-Briggs, Behavior and Communication Styles, Robert’s Life Purpose Readings, Transactional Analysis, Inner Identification, Totem Animals, Mauri Drawings, Lifeline Discovery and more…

I believe we all know there is more to life!.
People are depressed, angry, stuck and sick, because they are not living their purpose, and are stuck in guilt, fear and resignation.

What can you begin to do today?
Be aware of where you are happy and where you are unhappy.
Notice your emotions and your thoughts.
See what thoughts and feelings create purposeful activity.
Begin to write down what you observe.
Value yourself enough to begin.

Dare to do what will set you free to fully be the You you are here to Be!
Loving you and the vision of us all happy, free and on purpose!
Betty Lue