Monday, September 28, 2009

Time for You

What do you do with your time?
Do you take time for you?
Do you know where your time goes?
What we spend our time on usually designates what we value, our priorities.

So what do you value? Where do you spend your time?
Usually people spend time on work, TV, computer, worry, spending, talking or texting on the phone.
If you want to know what it is that consumes your time and energy, make a list of time spent.
Do a time effectiveness study and really find out where you focus your attention.
Make a list of all your daily or weekly activities and then log how much time you spend daily.
You may discover that your time expenditures do not reflect what is really important.

Some Possible Higher Values
Your health and fufilment, learning and personal growth, inspiration and spiritual growth
Family, kids, parents and partner, Life Purpose, Community Service, Visioning and living your dreams.

How can you spend your more time on what really matters to you?
Look at your daily schedule.
Make appointments with yourself to do first things first.
Schedule time for meditation, exercise, learning, inspiration, loving communication and service.
Make sure you are living your highest priorities rather than putting out the fires of urgency.
Often we let the squeaky or “complaining” wheel take precedence rather than honoring what is real.

My schedule includes quiet time every morning (usually the first 2-3 hours is totally silent).
I write my Loving Reminders, listening within for inner direction and guidance.
Breakfast is a time of gratitude and appreciation of the beauty and goodness within and around me.
The bed is always made first. The house is picked up before bedtime, so we awaken to order.
Meditation and inspiration time may be in reading, writing, walking, t’ai Chi chih or creating.
Often there is beautiful inspiring background music
My work is to hold a quiet mind, open to receive inner direction.
My work is to hold an open heart, ready to respond with love to all that is presented.
My work is to be a flowing vessel, channeling what is for the highest Good of all Creation.

Life is truly fun, safe and easy when I am fluid, flexible, open and willing to be a channel for Good.

I take time for me in simple ways.
· Breathing deeply with gratitude.
· Preparing home cooked meals that nourish and please me with their color and flavor.
· Keeping my home and my life in order and harmony with all things working together for Good.
· Filling my mind with inspiring thoughts, images, sounds and experiences.
· Using everything and everyone to be a loving reminder, reminding me to give and receive only Love.
· Knowing that my intention everyday in everyway is to generously and joyfully give the Love I am.

Loving you,
Betty Lue