Thursday, September 24, 2009

Teach By Example

Today is my grand daughter’s birthday.
Beautiful Gianina is 11 years old today.
She is a truly beautiful being with only love in her heart.
She lives and teaches by her example.

Teach By Example

Do you make your bed in the morning?
Are you grateful that you have a bed?
Do you eat meals you prepare with consciousness?
Are you thankful that you have nutritious food?
Do you breathe the air and greet the day with gratitude?
Do you respect your life and the life of those around you?
Are you aware that your appreciation influences everyone you encounter?
Do you notice that your consciousness and conscientiousness makes a difference?

Your energy matters.

If you are cranky, those you live with and talk to receive “cranky” energy.
If you are happy, those you encounter receive your positive energy.
And yes, the more you are emitting positive energy, the less you will pick up on the negative energy.
The more you are feeling negative and needy, the more you will absorb whatever is in your space.

When we have guilt, regret or shame, we withhold our energy.
Our energy becomes distorted with fear, contraction, and toxicity.
Where we have forgiven all our mistakes and are choose again the best we know, our energy is healthy.
When we are judging, withholding, blaming or grieving, our energy is unhealthy for everyone.

How do I do it?
Even though I listen to and flush, clear and forgive lots of yucky stuff, I stay positive.
I flush the cosmic toilet and release all the toxic material quickly and easily.
I choose to use the poopy stuff as fertilizer for growth when neutralized with forgiveness.
I remember nothing but what is good and helpful, essential and true, loving and blessed.

Bless your life.
Bless your past.
Bless your relationships.
Bless your experiences.

Give each day to the highest Good you know.
Live each day being the Person you strive to be.
Share each day stories of gratitude and joy.
Erase each day memories of mistakes and pain.

Make your bed and clean up your space with appreciation.
Enjoy each meal with gratitude for those who serve you (especially yourself!).
Speak each word with respect for those who hear you.
Live each moment as though you are teaching your world what you want the world to be.

You see, it really is all up to you!
Your life is truly what you make it.

Loving the Good in You with all my heart and mind and spirit,
Betty Lue

We celebrated last week.
Gia’s sister Sofi with a chocolate frosting mustache.