Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quick to Forgive

“Set Your Self Free with Forgiveness”

Where we judge, we are judged.
Where we forgive, we are forgiven.
What we perceive, we strengthen.
What we reveal, we can heal.

Forgiveness is simply a tool for clearing our fears and judgments.
Forgiveness is a mental eraser.
Forgive frees us from our past.
Forgiveness undoes what we have used to separate us from our Good.
Forgiveness sets us free.
Forgiveness invites trust in Love.
Forgiveness begets healing.
Forgiveness demonstrates who we really are.
Forgiveness asks us to be the Gift.
Forgiveness recognizes that we all have work to do.
Forgiveness asks for spiritual help and healing
Forgiveness reveals what we have held secret
Forgiveness opens the door to creativity and joy.
Forgiveness creates abundance and true prosperity.
Forgiveness is a gift to both forgiver and forgiven.
Forgiveness is the lifting everything into the arms of the All Loving Goodness.
Forgiveness is easy and natural when we let go of resistance.
Forgiveness is a choice to undo what is not True and Loving.
Forgiveness is a powerful mental laxative.

Let us all release what no longer serves our Greatest Good.
Let us undo what we do not want to perpetuate and recreate.
Let us flush away all that keeps us from our natural state of Love, Health, Joy and Abundance.
Let us let go of everything we know comes from all ignorance and mistakes,

Let us learn to be compassionate and healing.
Let us bring everything into the Light to wash away the darkness.
Let us let go of the petty judgments and past unhealed stuff.
Let us stop allowing what used to be, the poop of the past, to cloud our vision of the future.

To heal is to reveal what has made us sick and then quit partaking of what is unnecessary and unhealthy.
It is time to take full responsibility for our actions and interactions and choose again for what is good.
You receive a huge gift yourself when you give your appreciation and open-mindedness.
Loving is giving freedom to be ourselves and trusting the unique path and process each one chooses.

Trusting and freeing you to create more forgiveness, acceptance and Love in your life,
Betty Lue

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