Sunday, September 20, 2009

Forgiving Mistakes

“I forgive everyone and everything for all time, including myself.”

Everyone makes mistakes.
We learn from our mistakes through experience, observation and natural consequences.
When we have the distraction of others judgments, punishment and humiliation, we learn to avoid others.
When we are constantly reminded of past mistakes, we believe we cannot be forgiven and trusted again.
When we are ridiculed, called names and identified with our mistakes, we believe we are our mistakes.

Sin = Error
Error means we have missed the mark.
When we miss the mark, we need to know specifically where the mark is and how to hit it.
When we are supported in identifying accurately what the mark is, we must be encouraged to try again.
When we are motivated to try to hit the mark and are given the tools, we will try until we succeed.

Forgiving Mistakes clear the obstacles to Love. (Trust and Freedom)
Forgiveness is the key to Happiness and Inner peace.
Every upset, fear, hurt, resentment, regret, jealousy can be cleared with forgiveness.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with Love.
Forgiveness is remembering Love is Who You Are and Loving is your natural state.

When you stay angry and resentful, hurt and defensive, you block forgiveness.
When you withhold your Love, you will feel hurt.
When you forget to love, you will not feel whole.
When you choose to stop loving, you will experience depletion and lack of energy.
When you extend anger, blame and resentment, you will experience unconscious fear and defensiveness.

To forgive is to release the past.
Forgiveness is a gift of freedom and trust to yourself.
To be forgiving is our natural state of Being the Love we are, no matter way.
Forgiveness is seeing the gift and the blessing in All That Is.

Forgiveness is trusting that everything that happens is in our own best interest.
Forgiveness is releasing all judgments to God.
Forgiveness is allowing ourselves to continue giving the Gift of our Love.
Forgiveness is healing all fear, pain and anger.

Forgiveness need not be “felt” to be effective.
Forgiveness is a choice to free ourselves to trust in Love again.
Forgiveness releases the stuckness that comes from judgment and condemnation.
Forgiveness undoes the habit of repeating what is judged and releasing the guilt and blame.

There is no time like the present to release all blocks to Love with forgiveness now.
There is no better way to set ourselves free to be All We are than to forgive our mistakes.
There is no great gift than to give true forgiveness to those we have allowed to hurt us.
There is no truer way than to love and trust God by giving forgiveness to everyone all the time.

Let us forgive ourselves for forgetting to forgive and return to Love!