Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Things First

What is first on your list of Values?
What matters most to you?
What is more important that being upset about petty stuff?
What is worth fighting for?

If you want a clean house first, make a big deal about everyone doing their part.
If you want homework done, yell and punish your children when they don’t do it on time or well.
If you want a big house with a big mortgage, spend time, energy and stress to keep it going.
If you want your employees and family to fear you, then yell a lot and make threatening statements.

If you want a peace and happy home, bring appreciation and playfulness into your family life.
If you want your children to be successful, help them feel proud of their accomplishments.
If you want less stress and more time with your family, downsize dramatically and relax.
If you want others to admire and respect you, be a respectful role model of peace, wisdom and gratitude.

Many have learned that by pointing out mistakes, we can affect change in others.
Many have learned that people learn with fear of punishment and are motivated by fear.
Many have learned that we are stuck with how we have made our life and our relationships,
Many have learned that the tougher we are, the more we are respected and can influence others.

The best measure of effective living and principled leadership is how our world works.
If we have what we want, our methods must be working.
If we are disappointed and discouraged, our methods must be ineffective.
If we have upset, hurt and worry, our lives are not models of peace, prosperity and principle.

When we focus on petty things, we seem petty, shallow and uncaring about their feelings and needs.
When we use anger, upset and demands to get our way, people may see us at tyrants.
When we stay away, avoid, disconnect, or ignore what is happening, we may see uncaring and detached.
When we don’t actively listen, support, encourage and participate, others may see us not genuine.

You see behavior speaks louder than your words.
Your example teaches more effectively than your demands.
Your encouragement supports more honestly than your spending.
Your listening builds trust and respect more than your endless monologues and diatribes.

What would it take for you to re-look at your values and priorities?
What would it take for you to put what matters most at the top of your list?
What would it take for you to be true to your own values and live consciously?
What would it take for you to stop ineffective behaviors and make your own changes to live better?

When you are at peace and happy, your home becomes more peaceful and happy.
When your home becomes more peaceful and happy, your family is more happy and peaceful.
When your family is more happy and peaceful, they bring peace to your workplace, school and world.

We each are bringers of change and transformation with our own inner peace and happiness.
When we live honestly and authentically with integrity for our own values, we live in peace.
When we take impeccable care of ourselves and our responsibilities, we bring harmony and order.
When we honor the gift of live and give ourselves and our resources abundantly with joy, we create a better world.

So let us Be It!
Betty Lue

For your enjoyment and part of this Loving Reminder!
Our Holy Fun, Safe and easy work on Wednesdays follows:
Grandma and Grandpa had a sleepover this week while Mom and Dad had a little break and we had fun. Part of their week is gymnastics and swimming. Twins Harper and Lila 4 1/2 yrs and Beckett almost 3 yrs. We love each other lots!!