Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Effectiveness of Civility

Sun in Libra at 2:19 PM PDT today.
The Sun's entry into cooperative Libra marks a change of seasons. It's the Fall Equinox when day and night are equal and we seek a new balance in ourselves and our relationships. A willingness to meet others halfway can build bridges between allies and adversaries that replace conflict with harmony. However, it's important to maintain self-respect and equality for partnerships to flourish rather than
simply giving in to placate others.

The Effectiveness of Civility

Ego Emotes. Spirit Creates.

Like little children who are feeling helpless and out of control, human emotions erupt.
No matter what the age, without control, people can emotionally destroy one another.
No matter what the education, personalities flare us and do and say things that are cruel.
No matter how well-intentioned, people who are afraid will behave like out of control children.

Temper tantrums, throwing things, hitting, being cruel, calling names, bulleying are all immature behaviors. In our society these behaviors seem to be expected and accepted by many.
In the therapeutic model people may be encouraged to “dump” their toxic feelings.
In the media, there is entertainment value found in exaggerating the awful behaviors of humanity.

Where are the role models?
What are the boundaries?
Are there appropriate ways to behave?
Have we lost our civility?

Can you keep your ugly thoughts to yourself?
Are you willing to teach yourself to bite your tongue?
Are you open to master self control and self discipline?
Can you treat others as you want to be treated?

Do you see yourself as teacher and role model for your world?
Or are you a child lost in abusive relationships and worldly victimization?
Is it time to take responsibility for all your debts and your affairs?
Are you willing to stop blaming, procrastinating and using guilt and shame to shut you down?

Infants only know how to cry and whine to express their needs.
Toddlers focus totally on themselves to get their needs met. “me-me”
Young children become pleasers and do whatever is asked to get their needs met.
Older children and adolescents demand answers and information to meet their need to know.
Maturing adults seek ways to establish “fair-care-share” relationships to meet everyone’s need.
Principle-centered adults teach and model ideal ways to live in integrity with their highest values.
Enlightened individuals seek only to live impeccably for the greater Good of all concerned.

There is a time when we each need to “grow up”.
The mature person does not blame the government, the employer, the weather or God.
The mature person is responsible and responsive in the highest way no matter what the situation.
The grown up gathers information and resources and then listens within to create the highest outcome.

Let us consider growing up.
Let us stop condemning, exaggerating, imitating, or idealizing.
Let us begin to think for ourselves and do what is highest and best for everyone.
Let us create a world that is safe, fun and easy for all of us to live with dignity and respect for all life.

Loving you in our co-creation with Spirit,
Betty Lue