Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Are you confident, capable and motivated?
Are you willing, able and inspired?
Are you empowered to be and do what ful
fills you?
What will it take for you to truly trust, free and support you?

Only when we empower ourselves can we empower others.
When we give ourselves the very best, it is best for others.
When we su
pport ourselves, we support others.
When we love and respect ourselves, we love and re
spect others.

While some may think sacrifice for other is lovin
g, it teaches sacrifice.
While we may value another more than ourselves, we are teac
hing inequality.
While we may focus more on giving without receiving, we may be teaching falsely.

The key to empowerment is to receive from the act of giving.

Being confident requires that we believe in ourselves.
Being capable requires that we enable ourselves.
Being motivated requires that we encourage ourselves.

When we learn to give ourselves, we empower our giving to others.

Being willing asks no pressure and total freedom to choose.
Being able tells us to practice, practice and practice.

Being inspired teaches us to be inspiring with our thoughts, words and deeds.
To fully truly free and i
nspired, we must be willing to practice daily.

Some practice with loved ones.
Some practice with strangers.
Some practice in work settings.
Wherever you find s
uccess and benefit, generalize those skills to all areas of your life.

Empowerment is a proc
ess of eliminating all weakening behaviors, words and thoughts.
Empowerment com
es with releasing any behaviors which are destructive or shameful to you.
Empowerment is released when we stop negative and belittling self talk.
Empowerment is experienced when
we envision our most confident, happy and fulfilled Self.

Where we put down others, we fear their counter-attack.

Where we tell or listen to hurtful stories, we are reminded of our own unkind stories.
Where we find fault with
others, we open ourselves to fear of being criticized.
Where we threaten, demand or speak unkindly, we diminish our own po

Our behavior teaches others how we feel about ourselves.
Our words tell the story of what we believe and the principles w
e live by.
Our thoughts give us pictures which we unconsciously put into practice.
To empower yourself, give your self the very best in thou
ghts, words and activities.

Create positive self talk and healthy activities for mind, body and spirit.

Create harmonious and respectful relationships with trust and freedom for all.
Create meaningful and productive work which is inspiring and fulfilling to you.
Create a happy, healthy and enjoyable life which supports you living with power and peace.

Loving and blessing your empowering choices, Betty Lue

Let’s empower
our children with the very best we know and live.