Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Who Are You?

Are you the product of your family system?
Are you fitting in with your culture?
Are you what your mate wants you to be?
Are you conforming to other’s expectations?

Are you pleasing to yourself?
Are you someone you admire?
Are you a gift of Love and Joy?
Are you a blessing to all?

Is it possible that you are imprinted with others beliefs about you?
Could you be controlled by habits that are simply ingrained?
Have you gotten lost in what society has taught you to be?
Are you lost in a sea of conflicting and confusing possibilities?

What will it take to free yourself to be yourself?
What do you need to undo to be true to you?
How long can you stand without taking a stand?
When will you be willing to hold your own hand?

Life is our choice.
How we live it, ordinary or extraordinary, is our call.
Blending in or standing out is the choice to be or not to be.
Are you real yet?

If you really knew what you believe, would you live it?
If you could give yourself the freedom to choose, would you do it?
If you allowed yourself to imagine your ideal, would you go for it?
If you believed you could be and do anything, would you allow it?\\

I invite you to begin with the exploration wherever you may be.
Who do you admire? (Make a list of five.)
What are the qualities in them you value? (List 5-10 qualities for each.)
Recognize that what you see I those you admire are qualities in you which you can nurture.

Then list your own qualities that you admire.
Begin to actively appreciate each one and watch it grow in strength.
As you discover qualities in you which you dislike, actively forgive them.
I forgive myself for acting ………. I appreciate myself for …….

When we do the work to uncover and discover, we are really chipping away at the defenses, limiting beliefs and false self image, we have been taught.

Know what you find inside is an unlimited, beautiful, radiant Being. I can see the Real You!! So let go and you will, too!

Loving you,
Betty Lue