Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Is Important?

When you remember what really matters to you, above all things, you can maintain your focus.
When you live what you value, you will know great happiness.
When you give what you love, others will receive your joy.
When you are the person you want to be, you will be respected.

It is only when we emphasize the things that don’t matter that we feel lack of respect.
It is only when we give out of obligation that our gifts are not appreciated.
It is only when we live others’ values that we find unhappiness.
It is only when we forget what is important to us that we are confused and lack confidence.

When you live giving the best you have, others feel the importance of your gifts.
When you speak with words that tell your highest truth, others know you are loving them.
When you hold pictures which create the world being the way you want, your thoughts make a difference.
When you behave and do what you believe in and admire, others respect your choices.

Peace of mind is important.
Only when at peace do I think clearly and openly and trust in my choices.
Happiness is important.
My inner joy tells me I am choosing what is highest and best for all.

Loving kindness is important.
Treating others with gentle respect teaches my world to treat all with compassion and caring.
Forgiveness is important.
Willingness to undo, erase, release all mistakes allows people to observe and learn a better way.

Trust is important.
With faith and trust, I can safely allow myself to move forward in confidence.
Freedom is important.
Giving everyone acceptance and respect to be and do as they are called sets us all free to fully be.

When I live in accordance with what matters and is important, I am living in integrity.
I am confident, trusted and respected for who I am and how I live and love and give.
When I know what I value and hold it with respect in all my transactions, I trust myself.
When I believe in myself and my choices, I am happy, at peace and successful in all I do.

Life works when I respect myself and my choices.
Betty Lue