Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Do You Want?

Are you wishing, hoping and praying?
Are you filled with ideas and dreams?
Do you think someday you may “get” what you want?
Do you hold pictures of what could be?

Are you surprised by how easy it seems for some to live their vision?
Are you envious of those who seem to get everything they desire?
Do you believe it can happen to you, if you just keep praying?
Are you stuck in the belief that good happens only to the special few?

Let’s look at a few of the simple steps for realization and manifestation.

Vision: Hold the image in your mind as clearly as you can.
Faith: Have confidence that you can and deserve to have.
Passion: Allow your body, emotions, thoughts, finances and relationships to support you.
Commitment: Make a commitment that you will persist and not quit on your vision.
Strategy: Listen within to Spirit, to intuition, to the Joy in your heart for guidance along the way.
Action: Do what you need to do to clear all obstacles and act fearlessly on what you know.
Gratitude: Be grateful for your willingness, your consciousness and your energy every day.
  • Make sure you write down what you vision for yourself at 20 years or more, 10 years, 5 yrs and 1 yr.
  • Share only with those who say YES, who believe in you and will not sabotage with doubts and fears.
  • Be willing to acknowledge and erase your own doubts, distractions, detours and delaying tactics.
  • Give yourself permission to dream big and bold.
  • Trust your process and see how you are supporting your own life purpose.
  • Give yourself the freedom to let go of friends, finances, and funky attitudes that get in your way.
  • BE vigilant only for the Good stuff, the God stuff, the Goodness that comes from living your vision.
Peace of God…your Piece of God is your goal.
Happiness is the indicator you are living on purpose.
Your function and your work is to forgive, undo and release what inter-fears with living your Piece.

It is that easy.
(You will love the Tuesday evening class: “Create Your Life Consciously!”)

You can when you believe you can!!
Loving you,
Betty Lue