Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Response-Abilities

Take one day of summer vacation to spiritually vacate the ordinary and explore the extraordinary.

Our challenge:
· Know Who You Are,
· Discover why You are here.
· Clear the blocks to freely being You.
Each one of us has our own unique gifts and calling to bring forth.
In this lies our Happiness and our Piece of God.

It matters not your age or your education, your background or your beliefs.
You owe it to yourself to live your potential.

Live authentically.
Live whole and happy and free.
The fullness of God’s Peace,
the Abundance you want,
the Happiness your seek,
cannot be reached until you freely live and share Your Truth.

So discover and uncover. Let’s do it.
Forgive the past and choose to appreciate yourself in the Present.

We are here to serve…to be responsible…to be able to respond to all with Love.
How you serve….whom you serve…what you serve are your choices.
· Let’s be servants of Goodness.
· Let’s serve only Love.
· Let’s serve all those seeking to remember Love.

We are building a community of Love….One moment, one person, one choice at a time.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Highly Recommended: 1995 Movie "Powder”
Even if you saw it before, watch and listen again.
We shared it with our Unity congregation yesterday and I was amazed and deeply moved!
Listen to every line of dialogue, right from the beginning. Multiple topics addressed.
Pay attention to what moves you.
It will help define "who you are”, “why you are here” and “what your blocks are to fully being You.”