Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Seeking an Answer?

The answers always come when there is Peace in the mind and Love in the heart.

When you are confused and conflicted, do not make up answers.
When you are afraid and judging, do not think you know.
When you are angry and resentful, do not speak from your emotions.
When you are hurt and depressed, do not believe your thoughts.

Don’t go to others to find your own spiritual answers.
Others will answer from their own experience and life lessons.
You will hear from others what you hold in your own mind reflected back to you.
You will believe what you want to hear and hold to be true and reject the rest.

If you need to air your grievances, confusion and fear, write them down until you are clear. There may be someone you can talk to who will not hold your feelings as true.
Usually people will try to tell you what to do based on their own history and life lessons.
You may find someone who will listen spirituallyfor you, but even with professional psychics, intuitives and channels, there will be the filter of their own perceptions, understanding and verbage.

The understanding and answers we seek, come through when our fear-based ego is silent.
The work is to silence our own thinking, to step aside and let love reside in our heart/mind.
When we have found a place of peace, there is clarity of purpose and room to listen.
When we experience stillness, we can simply be present and aware of what we receive.

Our work in life is to undo what is not true and loving.
Our work is to release the blocks to our awareness.
Our work in reality is to clear the debris of the past.
Our work in truth is to be open to see and know what is now.

Rarely do we discover the essence of our work until we have dissolved the drama.
We are so often distracted, detoured, delayed, discouraged, depleted , we cannot know.
When emotions overlay our experiences, right perception is clouded and wisdom absent.
When we set aside our fear, and see with forgiving eyes, we see clearly and know Trust.

This is our healing and holy life work.
Remember the answers will come when we are peaceful, happy and in Love.

Blessings of Truth,
Betty Lue