Sunday, July 26, 2009

Recipe For Loving

Question from a reader: How do you make yourself love when you don't feel it?

My response:
“Love is not an emotion.
Love is our life force, the energy that breathes us.
Love is trust.
Love is freedom.
Yes, when you are loving, you feel alive and radiant.
Love is flowing the energy within us without blocks or withholds.
Love is having no fear.” Betty Lue

Follow-up question from this reader: "If love is not a feeling, but the flow of energy through us (makes sense), you could also say that when you feel alive and radiant (a powerful flow), you are loving. Then how do you make yourself feel alive and radiant, so you could be loving? Do you have a recipe for that, Betty Lue?"

Recipe for Loving

Love is action, not thought or feeling, not words, but deeds.
“I am loving You.” Means I see You. I trust You. I free You to be You.
The You I see and trust and Love is whole and holy.
The You I know and Love is the Essence, the Reality, the Truth of Who You Are.
The You I Love is the God, the Good within, the True Creation.

I free you with forgiveness, the spiritual eraser that remembers only the Love You Are.
I breathe Love for you as I am Loving, respecting, honoring God and Self.
I hold you in my thoughts and prayers as my brother and my Self.
I flow the Love from Source to all creation without specialness, knowing All is One.

When I remember I am Love created by Love as Love for the purpose of Loving, I realize my whole life is an activity of flowing Love.
When I know my purpose (Loving) and myself (Love ItSelf), then I realize so are You.
Our holy work is to remember and remind One Another of the Truth of our Being.
We are each and all here to clear all blocks to the awareness of the Presence of Love.

We are here to forgive, to undo what is not true, to erase what is not Loving.

Our work is not to try to Love.
Our work is to let go of the block and be aware of Love.
Our work is not to try to be radiant and alive.
Our work is to release the clouds of fear and misunderstanding.

In our relationships, we become aware of the blocks to freely flowing the Love we are.
Our emotions (self consciousness, withholding, disappointment, fear, anger, hurt, etc.) show us where we are remembering past judged experiences and learned separation from ourselves and the Love We Are.
In our life experience, we are here to actively clear the past and return to Love, only Love.
Live, only Live. Be truly happy and shine our inner Light on all in all ways. Where we shut down our life flow, our Love flow, we feel not alive, and not radiant. Where we clear the clouds and polish our light of Love, letting it shine forth , we feel alive, radiant and in the state of Love.

So it is.
We are the Sun of God, the Light of the world.
I am loving you.
I am shining on You and your Life.
I am seeing you whole and Holy Loving.
I am happy with you and for You.
Betty Lue