Sunday, July 19, 2009

Live Your Purpose

Live Your Purpose
Honor Your Mission
Be the Love You Are

I just finished reading the book, Gandhi The Man by Eknath Easwaran.
It reminded me of the power of living the Truth of our Being.
All of us are here to Love.
Our purpose and our mission are simple: “We are here to be Love in our world.”

When we remember to Love, we are strong.
When we remember to be Love, we are energized.
When we remember to Love, we are guided.
When we remember to Love, we succeed.

Love is taking action.
Love is doing what fulfills and enriches us.
Love is bringing joy by being Joyful.
Love is healing, because it offers Peace.

Love is for everyone and everything around us.
Love is for our creator and all creation.
Love must include ourselves to be valid.
Love is being grateful for the gift in every challenge.

Love is respectful of difference.
Love honors where people are in their awareness and willingness.
Love is persuasive by our loving example.
Love is always present and easy to access.

We are glad to be alive, when we Love.
We remember the Truth, when we Love.
We celebrate life’s mystery without understanding, when we Love.
We appreciate the opportunity to learn and forgive, when we Love.

Remember, your mission is to uncover the Love within you.
Your purpose is to find the inner happiness and peace that come from bringing forth the Love in You.
You remember the piece of God you are, when you remember to Love..
Love unconditionally. Serve from your heart. Remember always God and the Love You Are.

Loving You always,
Betty Lue